21 September 2008

Each person has their own favorite Aroma and it’s different one and the other. In fact, this could reflect your personality. How to choose the right perfume which match with our personality? Follow these next steps :

Step 1
GraceIf you are a sporty or serious type of person, you may fit with a light and fresh perfume or perfume that reminds you to the fresh wind or a fresh lemon aroma.

Hilosophy’s Amazing Grace and Pure Perfume offer a pure, grace and feminism perfume. There’s another option, Eau de Cartier, has fresh orange aroma with little extra musk in it.

PerfumeStep 2
Try the flowers If you’re grace and feminine person. There are so many perfume options which has flower aroma. Ralph Lauren Perfume is great, has a spirit flowerish aroma. Another option is Marc Jacob’s Daisy. It contains a light and young spirit flower aroma.

PerfumeStep 3
Fill your free side soul with a warm aroma like vanilla or flower. Guerlains’ Shalimar, this perfume is one of the famous perfume coz of the sweet aroma. But, you can also choose Princess from Vera Wang. It has a softer aroma.

PradaStep 4
If you are a sensual person and love become the “eye catching”, try the musk aroma. Prada from Prada, is a classic perfume, and has a great aroma. The other is Cashmere Mist from Donna Karan which offers a sensual mace.


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