14 September 2008

FormulaIt is necessary to incorporate several UV filters to cover the entire UV spectrum of potentially harmful radiation to provide optimal protection from UV radiation. This Sunscreen absorb in different regions of the UV spectrum. There are two kinds of filters, Organic and Inorganic. There are problems for formulating sunscreen, and this become a great challenge for formulator :

  1. Formulating SunscreenOrganic sunscreens that absorb UV radiation often carry incompatibility issues with the base formula.
  2. Inorganics produce an intolerable whitening, especially in darker skin.
  3. Formulations need to impart water resistance to the filter for protection during beach activities
Recent year consumer becoming aware of the health effects of sun rays and the greenhouse effect, where heat is trapped in the atmosphere and light is allowed in. They want high protection factor (SPF), the broadest spectrum protection, with water repellency during beach use, and don’t forget, most consumer want an elegant formulations. This goal is not an easy target and has conflicting components.


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