17 October 2008

MoneyDo you know that you can make a profit 15x from selling perfume? You just only have $500 for modal to make 100 perfumes than sell about $50-100 each. Really interesting!

Of course, we’re all know that people were looking to produce their own perfume has problems and challenges :
  • How and where to find the ingredients?
  • How about the packaging? Is it in bottles, spray nozzles or other package?
Well don’t worry about those problems. Go get the internet! Search it and find it! You can order it on line, and the great things is, it can be deliver to your address. You don’t even have to bother to search door to door in every shop. You will find that you can obtain the ingredients you need at a reasonable price.

However, there are some things which you will need to remember before you commence making your own perfume, and some of these are shown below.
  1. PerfumeNaming and labeling your perfume. Something catchy so people will remember it. Simple artwork would be best for the label.
  2. Make a list for the required Ingredients.
  3. Search the best bottles, lids and pumps. If you want your perfume to be look good, spend money little bit more into. Just take a wander around your local antique shops or bric-a-brac shop, and you will soon find a wealth of different perfume bottles that you could use. Sometimes people attract from its bottle and applicator.
  4. PerfumeChoose the best fragrances
  5. Good environment. It is important that you are in a sterile environment before pouring the perfume into the bottles you have chosen and bought.
  6. Final touch. Be creative! Present your finished product to customers. Put it in a box, or wrap it in a decorative plastic or anything look attractive to customer.
How to Sell Perfume
  1. InternetThe best place to start is the internet! There are many sites and companies which will provide you with all the necessary information you need in order to start up. For a small outlay, you could actually set up your own website and sell it from there. There are even people who have set up sites which will not only help you to build your site, but also help with the marketing and promotion of the product you have to offer. When you decide to sell your own perfume, you will need to make some outlays in order to get the business started, include :
    - costs for purchase the ingredients for making the perfume
    - the bottles to putt the finished product into
    - labels that will be affixed to your finished product’s bottles
    - cost for the package
  2. Other effective way to sell is selling through word of mouth of friends and family.
The PrizeDollarIt’s advisable that you keep a record of all of your outgoing expenses so that you can price your perfume accordingly. The usual pricing equation is to triple the price it has cost you to manufacture your product. For example, $5 to produce each bottle, sell it for at least $15. As you can see producing your own perfume is a simple process and if it is something you have always considered doing then why not give it a go.


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