16 October 2008

Perfume EthicsIt’s not right just because you like the fragrance you drench in your perfume. You may disturb other person. The sprayed perfume’s fragrance will follow you wherever you go, pierce every nostril in the vicinity and leave people choking on the smell for hours after! Try not to infringe on another's personal space.

Perfume Etiquette from Dr Tushar Guha, perfume expert gives some subtle hints on how to wear your perfume right :

  1. Choose perfume with care depending on the occasion.
  2. PerfumeYou need a little sophistication for a cocktail party, a meeting with one or two people, a day at the office, or a corporate event. You can go with a subtle scent that does not jerk an unsuspecting nostril out of its peaceful reverie.
  3. Go in for something stronger if you want to make a splash at a wedding, a party or on a night of clubbing, but don’t be too loud.
  4. We all want to be accepted and your choice of perfume should complement what you stand for.


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