16 October 2008

Armani PerfumePerfume : Fact 1
60% - 90% of the cost of commercial perfume is marketing, not materials. The cost is not reflecting the cost of the materials. Most people think that designer perfume has all kinds of expensive and precious ingredients, and that's what makes it so expensive.

Why most modern perfumes have such a high price tag ? The answer is advertising!

PerfumeGlossy and popular magazine ads such as Cosmo, Bazaar , and other popular magazines. Primetime TV commercials featuring hired celebrities. Custom-designed boxes, fancy bottles, and glitzy packaging to make the perfume look expensive and attract the eye. Reseller's markup, which is usually twice the wholesale rate.

Perfume : Fact 2
It's now possible to chemically analyze and recreate most fragrances, including designer perfumes and it’s completely legal. It's impossible to copyright or patent a smell. The things you can reproduce with this technology is incredible.

BLV PerfumePerfume : Fact 3
Selling the materials for designer duplications used to be a tiny niche. There's a lot more demand due to designer fragrances' popularity with soap-makers and home users like us, so the products have gotten a lot better and more available. There are companies who specialize in making accurate designer duplication materials.


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