16 October 2008

Apply PerfumeSome people say don’t give a perfume as a gift for particular event. But, perfume may be a great gift. Why? Well, perfume is a very personal thing. You may smell one brand perfume smells really good, but other person may smell terrible. The same fragrance will smell different on two people as the body heat and inherent body odours are different. Like wise if you buy perfume, make sure you test your perfume on yourself and not your friend.

A fragrance will smell different several minutes after apply it, so give it some time. Don't rush into buying any perfume. The worst thing you can do is splurge on a perfume you are allergic to! To avoid that, apply a small amount on your wrist, the inner elbow or the back of your hand or arm. Wait for about an hour. If there is a reaction, you may allergy to the perfume.


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