18 October 2008

Choose Formula1. Choose the formula.
You need to decide what kind and what smell of perfume you want to make. Then go find the formula or get experiment for yourself to produce the desired result.

2. Go hunt the essential and fragrance oils.
Essential and fragrance oils were the primary ingredients you should consider. You should find the best quality for the perfume because high quality perfume depends on high quality oils. Essential oils are much more expensive than fragrance oils.

Fragrance OilIt advised to use fragrance oils first to save on money until you've become more skilled. And don't forget to learn and understand the health risks associated with essential and fragrance oils. There may be some formulations or recipes which could cause health problems if the oils included in them are used incorrectly.

Alcohol3. Don't forget alcohol.
Alcohol is used as solvent, helps to reduce the strength of the oils.

4. Use the right utensils.
UtensilsAlthough you're not producing food, don't belittle if you're producing perfume. Utensils for measure, mixing or storing should be separate from your kitchen's utensils. It is better that you use measuring devices that allow you to exactly measure out the amounts of oils and solvents required. It is best if you use measuring devices made from glass so that you can see what is inside and when handling any formulas then use a funnel with a narrow long neck.

Fixative5. Put the fixatives in.
Fixative used to lower the rate of evaporation of the fragrance or essential oils. All of the utensils that you need you can get at a local shop. Or if you don't have time to go you can search in internet. There are plenty of places which sell perfume kits.


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