20 December 2008

There are not many risks associated with microdermabrasion if you are a healthy adult . Professional microdermabrasion can bruise or discolor the skin if done incorrectly. The vacuum action tends to cause blemishes if the skin tension is let up or uneven. The lip area is particularly susceptible to bruising, and the eyelids should never be treated with microdermabrasion. Treatment that is too deep or intense can cause permanent discoloration to the skin.

If the medical grade machines are used at high power it carries potential risks of hyperpigmentation, perforation, bleeding, and infection. Infection can also be a risk if the machines are not sterile. Many components of these machines are meant to be sterilized, autoclaved or changed out with a new disposable piece. Any and all pieces that come into contact with your skin should be able to be sterilized or changed out. Furthermore, it was brought up by a doctor in an article on Medscape, that there could be possible harm from the inhalation of the aluminum in the Al2O3 crystals, also known as Corundum.


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