20 December 2008

The price listed below very varied, influenced by several factors:
  • The city or country where you have it done.
  • The exact location (surgery, clinic, spa, a beauty salon or at home).
  • The body area you want treated (face or body).
  • How serious your skin condition is (tells you how many microdermabrasions you need before you see results).
Prices for Home MicroDermabrasion Systems
  • The cost of microdermabrasion home systems is the cheapest of the three levels.
  • Home Mcirodermabrasion cost between $15 and $200, depending on kit contents and brand.
  • Kits that include a rotating hand-held device designed to massage the crystal cream into the skin are the most expensive.
  • This is more like traditional exfoliating regimens, but with the added bonus of the micro-crystal technology.
Prices for Salon & Spa Microderm Abrasion
The price of a single microdermabrasion varies between $75 and $200 in beauty salons or spas. Sometimes spas and salons use the cheaper microdermabarasion machines but charge you much more than they should.

Prices for Medical Microdermabrasion
  • Microdermabrasion performed in medical offices or clinics by specialized dermatologists or surgeons has the most expensive treatment.
  • A single facial microdermabrasion costs somewhere between $100 and $300.
  • Include 9 treatment + 4maintenance sessions (9x 150 = $ 900-2700).
  • For the initial consultation cost an additional $150.
  • Cost of professional microderm abrasion is heavily influenced by the cost of the machines used.
You may want to reconsider having microdermabrasion at a spa, salon or doctor's clinic that uses a cheap microderm machine but still charges regular prices. Make sure to ask about their equipment before you pay them.


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