20 December 2008

If you went to a clinic or salon to get microdermabrasion done, the technician or dermatologist would use a specialized tool for the procedure. The tool shoots a stream of tiny crystals, like aluminum oxide, sodium chloride or sodium bicarbonate, and collects the leftover dead skin cells and used crystals.

The vacuum action of the machine has four main functions :
  • It pulls and raises a small section of skin to work on
  • It creates mild swelling and brings some of the impurities to the surface
  • It shoots a stream of crystals across the targeted skin patch
  • It collects the used crystals and dead skin for disposal
Some tools perform all of these functions with one circuit. The suction process in these devices is called Venturi suction. More powerful versions use two circuits, one to shoot the crystals out and another to collect them.

There are also newer tools that use a single, diamond-tipped wand on the skin instead of a stream of particles.

The technician steadily moves the tool over the target area, applying even and steady pressure to remove the stratum corneum without affecting the lower skin layers. A standard session usually consists of one to three passes with the tool. In most cases, the patient is then asked to apply specialized lotions and creams to the affected area between sessions. This rehydrates the area and assists in promoting healthier new skin.

Their machines, however, cost as much as $30,000. to as little as $2000. It is a shame because the average consumer does not know this and in a nut shell could be paying as high as $200. a treatment by a $2000. machine. The aluminum oxide (Al2O3) crystals (Corundum) cost anywhere from $5. a lb. to $45. for 15 lbs. So I bet, you’re paying for the machine not the crystals.

Below are some typical machines which is best and beneficial. Also, all of these machines utilize aluminum oxide (al2O3) crystals, aka Corundum as their abrasive unless otherwise noted.

Power Peel® Microdermabrasion Systems :
  • ALI-1500A for superficial peels (salon version)
  • ALI-1500M for deeper peels (medical grade, requires physician's lic.)
  • ALI-2000M for deepest peels (medical grade, requires physician's lic.)
Derma Genesis Particle Skin Resurfacing™ :
  • Derma Care™ (salon -typeersion)
  • PSS™ (aestheticians, dermatologists and physicians)
  • PSR™ (physicians, medical grade)
  • Master Millenium™ (sic) deepest penetration (medical grade)
SmartPeel® by Sound Skin :
  • SmartPeel System (salon version)
  • SmartPeel Physician System (medical grade)
Dermaglide Systems : (*uses non-aluminum oxide abrading crystals)
  • Microglide (salon version)
  • Dermaglide ES (medical grade)
  • Dermaglide 2000 system (medical grade)
  • Dermaglide uses Baking Soda as an abrasive. Dermaglide also offers salt systems as well. This is more common than baking soda, but less common than aluminum oxide.
Mega-Peel™ Systems :
  • Mega-Peel™ Gold(salon version)
  • Mega-Peel™ Platinum (medical grade)
  • Easy to change and environmentally safe disposable cartridge
  • Easy to screw on disposable tips
Directional separator tip - maximum density to tissue
MegaPower tip - Blue tip (use for scars and very aggressive peel)

Ultrapeel™ by Mattioli Engineering :
  • Pepita Ultrapeel™ (salon version) $11,250
  • Crystal Ultrapeel™ (medical grade) $12,600
Pelle Peel Microdermabrader :
  • (salon and medical version in one - setting locked by key) $11,900
Parisian Peel® Medical Microdermabrasion Treatment :
  • Parisian Peel Classique (standard)
  • Parisian Peel Premier (deeper)
· Dermaglow™ Particle Skin Exfoliation: (salon version) $12,500
· GentlePeel™: by Candela Corp. (salon version)
· Reviva Microbrade Duo: (medical grade)
· Diamond Dermabrasion®: no information available
· Crystal Peel: no information available
· Derma Peel: (mediocre grade machine) no further information available
· EuroPeel: (spa and some physician's) no further information available
· MD Peel™: (medical grade) closed, sterile, non-refillable crystal containers
· Pro Peel™: (salon version) closed, sterile, non-refillable crystal containers
· Smart Peel: (copy cat) no information available
· MSI: no information available
· Skin System: no information available
· Oxy-Brasion: by Trend Manufacturing Corp

I wouldn't abrade my floor with this one; It looks like a home-made science project at the bargain price of $5,990.

Bella Products® Particle Abrasion Systems :
Bella systems is a very good machine. If you are lucky to get this machine you are paying for quality.
  • BellaMed™ (medical grade)
  • Belladerma™ (salon grade - 3 models)
You may not be able to pick and choose your choice of machines, but you can make sure that whatever machines they do have are sterile. Ask how they crystals are replenished. The best machines have closed systems that the crystal containers are never refilled, only changed out. You see, the better machines offer their crystals or are compatible with companies who sell crystals that are sold in the containers that you see on the side of the machine so that the old, used crystals are thrown away in its own container and a new, empty sterile container replaces the old one for easy clean up and the new filled container replaces the empty, spent one.


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