19 December 2008

The education level of the treatment provider can impact cost. The average pen machines are only $250.00 US, the better ones, $1,200 US and the pigments are about $18.50 US for a bottle, which gets many uses. However, people typically want permanent makeup in several areas. The average cost of these multiple procedures can range from $300 to $1,500.

Estimate Costs for Micropigmentation standard procedure :
Eyeliner : $300 to $1000
Eyebrows : $400 to $1500
Lip liner : $400 to $600
Full Lip Color : $700 to $1600
Beauty Mark : $50 to $150
Scar re-pigmentation or camouflaging : $50 to $100 per 15 minutes
Areola Pigmentation : $50 to $100 per 15 minutes

If the cost of micropigmentation is difficult for you, ask the facility about payment plans and medical finance options.

Does Insurance Cover It?
No. This is an elective, cosmetic procedure that you will have to pay for on your own.


Anonymous said...

i want to do the micro-pigmentation procedure,in order to lighter the color of my lips.i have a dark-colored lip.is that possible?if not,which procedure would you advise me to take,in order to make my lip look pink?

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