19 December 2008

Here are 10 reasons to get micropigmentation, according to the American Academy of Micropigmentation :
  1. Convenience : Saving up to 100 hours a year in makeup application.
  2. Non-Allergic : Certain skin types are easily irritated by traditional makeup.
  3. Application Ease : People with medical conditions such as arthritis have difficulty applying makeup.
  4. No More Smears : Micropigmentation resolves the smear problem.
  5. Aging Changes : Micropigmentation can enhance the positives and mask the negatives. It is commonly used for uneven lip lines and discoloration areas of the skin.
  6. Tearing Eyes or Irritated Eyes : LASIK surgery, contact lenses, and excessive time spent in front of a computer
  7. The Outdoors : It can be tough to manage makeup application if you spend much time outdoors, whether you're an athlete or simply have an active lifestyle.
  8. The Natural Look : Micropigmentation offers the "natural woman" look.
  9. Hair Loss : People who have suffered from hair loss have benefited from micropigmentation for eyebrows, sideburns, and the hair line.
  10. Skin Discoloration : Certain skin disorders, genetic traits, and deformities can alter skin color. Micropigmentation may improve an unevenly lightened breast nipple, cleft lip, or scars.


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