19 December 2008

Eye Area

It’s hard to decide what shape was flattering and how to apply that shape day in and day out. There are many stencils you can purchase to guide your pencils or better yet, eyebrow powders applied with an angled brush, for a natural result If the hassle of daily application and the inconvenience of accidentally wiping them off or smudging them just gets old. Then micropigmentation on your eyebrow is definitely for you.

Some technicians use the individual hair-like strokes technique. It looks natural, but only if the pigment is a softer, lighter color. Some even use 2 to 3 colors with may occur naturally in natural eyebrows. The technician should determine the hair color and skin tones in pigment selection. A good technician will discuss the best eyebrow shape for you and apply powders or pencil for you to visualize the new shape.

You should match as closely to the natural eyelash color as possible. This way it is a very natural look that can be covered by other colors should you choose to wear a coffee, iron gray or darker green color. And if you are pale blonde or Caucasian, Don’t pick black.

Eyelashes have a purpose for making us more beautiful, pleasant and appealing. Some women have a condition that disallows the growth of eyelashes, such as persons with Alopecia or people who are undergoing chemotherapy. Then they are perfect for apply micropigmentation.

Blepharo-pigmentation also simulates eyelashes. It is performed using a micro needle and the pigment is implanted in a dot-like matrix fashion into the lid. The pigment is placed a little deeper, into the dermis. This way when the epidermis is healed, the look is a more translucent one, very natural. You need anesthetic for this procedure.

Eye shadow
Well, it’s not recommended because you can’t change the color. You will look dated if you wear the same color eyes shadow over and over again. Think about this one before you decide to implant permanent pigments into your eyelids.

Facial Areas Lip Liner
A lip liner implantation can also be made to look even more natural by apply a blended look. Remember that fashionable colors change with the tides. So, don't choose a pale sky or deep plum color this week because you saw it on the run way at a DKNY show

Full Lip Color
This procedure is a combination of lip liner and a fill in. You can even get the area) tattooed outside the lines to give the appearance of larger, poutier lips. Your lips will peel afterwards and look rather icky for a week. Aquaphor keeps butt after you heal to keep them moist. Don't put it on your lips when you are healing and have open wounds. It has petrolatum in it and isn't meant for broken skin.

Beauty Mark
If you do want a beauty mark, the normal places are, of course, above the lip, off to the outer corner (just like Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe) and under the eyes, off to the outer corner.

Cleft Lip Asymmetries
As with any lip asymmetry, persons afflicted with a cleft lip condition scar can have it corrected and re-pigmented. Thereby camouflaging the area creating a sense of normalcy. This is an advanced technique.

This is the exact same concept as the eye shadow technique. Seek out a specialist for this type of application. The downsides are splotchiness from incorrect application to splotchiness from your own face's pattern of natural exfoliation or your product usage.

Body Area

Areola Re-pigmentation
Re-pigmentation to the areola (the dark pink areas around the nipple) is a procedure that is changing the lives of those who have had breast reconstruction surgery or a mastectomy. The scars can be re-pigmented with colors matching the client skin tone to bring back a feeling of normalcy. Some women may have scars from breast augmentation around their areolas or simply desire larger areolas.

Scars and hypopigmentation can be re-pigmented by implanting flesh toned colored pigments to those particular areas. The pigments chosen are carefully matched to your own skin tone and are blended into the dermis.


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