30 January 2009

Thermage employs a patented Capacitive Radio Frequency (CRF) technology, which aims to tighten facial tissue. Throughout the course of a Thermage treatment, a doctor employs a wand called the ThermaTip, which transmits energy from the radio frequency into the individual’s skin. This energy then warms the skin layers.

The heat produced in Thermage procedures is precisely what is needed to reduce the effects of aging in the lower layers of the skin. As we age, our collagen fibers in the skin’s inner layers are prone to thinning and shortening. As a result, the outer layers of our skin start to wrinkle and droop. With the correct level of heat, such as that which is created by way of the Thermage radio frequency, the development of collagen fibers can be promoted. Accordingly, the skin is tightened and unpleasant wrinkles are reduced.


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