05 January 2009

The Vibraderm process is surprisingly affordable and is administered by all manner of cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgery experts at substantially lower prices than you might imagine. Due to the extreme popularity of Vibraderm and dermabrasion processes, the cost has come down over the years, making it possible for people from all walks of life to enjoy the Vibraderm process. Considering the extremely beneficial nature of micro-dermabrasion and the ability to rid the skin of all foreign particles, it is certainly well worth it to invest in the Vibraderm process.

Costs will vary based on your geographical location. The average price for a Vibraderm procedure runs from $75 to $400 per treatment session. Patients may find it advantageous to book multiple sessions.

TreatmentPriceTypical Area Treated
Five Weekly Treatments$399.00Entire face, forehead, nose, neck
Follow-up Treatment$85.00Monthly if desired
Other parts or regions of the body priced by area covered and on individual basis.


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