30 January 2009

As the skin ages, the collagen that gives the face its structure and youthful elasticity starts to deteriorate. This is why unsightly wrinkles and fine lines start to form in the skin. Thermage works to reenergize the skin and promote the gradual increase in newly developed collagen. Through this procedure, wrinkles are temporarily decreased and the face begins to adhere to its former, youthful structure.

When undergoing a Thermage treatment, you will become rather acquainted with a tool called ThermaCool, which is used to tighten the skin, as well as give your face that extra lift.

The ThermaCool device uses what is called the ThermaTip, which produces the RF energy needed to penetrate the skin. It is a doctor that controls how much RF energy enters the skin by weighing your personal comfort with how to provide the best results. The treatment will be conducted in a comfortable office setting.

As the ThermaTip makes contact with the skin, a high level of heat penetrates the deeper layers of collagen. Although a hefty amount of heat is used to encourage collagen growth, there is also a cooling effect that covers the outer layers. This effect also offers protection. As time passes, the skin will continue to tighten and after awhile, a more healthy, smoother-looking appearance is achieved.

Good news for health and safety conscious consumers: the ThermaCool device is approved by the FDA for the effective non-evasive treatment for wrinkles and beyond.

Need to know before considering Thermage
Although thermage is called a "non-surgical face lift," it is not a substitute for a face lift. It will give a portion of the improvement that a facelift will give in many people. There are, however, some people who will see no improvement following Thermage (especially those who have very loose skin and are really ready for a facelift, or those with very heavy faces). For these people, a second treatment may be performed six months after the first. This second treatment may or may not yield improvement. Thermage seems to work best in people with thin faces who are just on the verge of needing a facelift and want to put it off for a few years. In other words, if you have looses skin, sagging jowls, and a turkey gobbler, you can try thermage, but you may not see much improvement.


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