05 January 2009

Due to its treatment approach Vibraderm treatments are exceedingly safe. Some individuals may experience minor redness following treatment, which should subside within 20-60 minutes following treatment.

The Vibraderm is the tool used in a procedure referred to as Vibradermabrasion. Vibraderm is a both similar to but different that traditional Dermabrasion or Microdermabrasion. The Vibraderm tool features a patented vibrating surface area that removes layers of damaged skin. The removal of rough outer layer of the skin results in the individual experiencing a skin surface that is smooth and polished.

Of all the cosmetic and plastic surgery processes that are available, the Vibraderm process is considered to be the least risky, largely because it doesn't involve any real surgery at all. Simply cleansing the skin and providing a deep and thorough removal of dirt and particles from the pores, the greatest risk that can be suffered from Vibraderm is the chance that you might have irritated skin or that the newly open pores will itch slightly over time. While excessive itching is not to be taken lightly, it can hardly be considered a serious risk and most people are more than happy to suffer through this minor inconvenience in order to enjoy the micro-dermabrasion process.


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