30 January 2009

A Miracle of Radio Waves

Thermage treatment is an non-surgical, FDA approved procedure that offers an innovative way to rejuvenate your face which involves the application of radio frequency energy to your face. This energy strategically heats collagen, which composes your skin. Thermage unique deep-heating technology stimulates and renews your own collagen, resulting in tighter, smoother skin. Thermage can only be performed by qualified Thermage doctors or other personnel who has been specifically trained in the Thermage procedure.

The Thermage procedure involves Thermage doctors using infrared rays to heat the dermis (deep layer) of the skin, resulting in tightening and smoothing of the skin. When your doctor performs a Thermage treatment, collagen may also be increased in the skin. While it is possible that skin damage can occur with Thermage, it is usually only a temporary redness and swelling that will occur.

With facial Thermage, there may be mild soreness of the jawbone too. Compared to traditional plastic surgery, the side effects are quite minimal, though the results are similar.


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