05 January 2009

Of all cosmetic surgeries, the Vibraderm or micro-dermabrasion process is actually the most simple and straightforward. Vibraderm is unlike the traditional microdermabrasion process as it does not use aluminum oxide crystals blast the skin’s surface. Many patients find traditional microdermabrasion techniques to be harsh and irritating to their skin. The Vibraderm process does not utilize aluminum oxide crystals or employee suction. Vibraderm procedure instead utilizes sonic vibration to technology to improve the skins surface. This technology allows for larger areas of the skin to be treated in a consistent and even basis. With Vibraderm’s low irritation factor there is no need for an anesthetic to be utilized. The length of the Vibraderm procedure varies from several minutes to less than an hour depending on the individuals needs.

Treatment times will vary with your Vibraderm professional, but a treatment of just the face and neck can typically be performed in approximately 10 minutes. Given Vibraderm’s minimal impact treatment process, there are many areas of the body that can be treated may have been too sensitive to other forms of treatment. Individuals are able to received Vibraderm treatment on areas such as their arms, backs, hands, feet, knees, legs, thighs; almost any part of the body can be treated.

The Vibraderm procedure begins with a light cleansing of the skin to remove surface dirt and debris. This prepares the skin for treatment. The Vibraderm paddles are then passed over the face to begin removing dead skin cells and stimulating the skin at a deeper level. The paddles vibrate at very high speeds to create an abrasive environment; the skin is then treated with a mask or moisturizer to replenish the cells with minerals and nutrients, and toner to reduce the risk of bacteria accumulating in the open pores. After the mask is removed, the skin is moisturized and left to restore and repair itself from inside out.

As this procedure is not considered surgery, almost all procedures are performed as an outpatient procedure. Depending on your needs Vibraderm could be considered a lunch hour procedure.

What Do I Expect During a Treatment?
You will lie back in a comfortable facial chair. Our esthetician will cleanse the skin area to be treated. Your personalized paddles will be gently applied with high frequency vibration to the entire area. Then the skin care product(s) appropriate for your skin condition will be Vibrafused. If you require any Genesis, Titan, or IPL treatment, it will be performed at this point. Finally moisturizer and sun block will be applied.

What Can You Expect Immediately Post-Treatment?
Immediately following the procedure you may experience some redness, much like a wind burn. This quickly dissipates and makeup can be applied to the treated area right away, if necessary. Some patients may experience a mild outbreak after the first treatment as it will bring these elements to the skin surface by the exfoliation action. This is typically limited to the first treatment. Your favorite moisturizer can be applied at any time.

What Do I Expect After a Treatment?
Unlike microdermabrasion, which sometimes stings, especially around the eyes, and in which your skin might be reddened and feel hot for the rest of the day, there are no side effects from Vibradermabrasion except the pleasant one of your skin appearing healthier and more radiant.

What Results Are Gained?
Your skin will look and feel smoother, younger, more vibrant and you will radiate a healthy glow. A series of treatments can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, sun spots and other evidence of prior skin abuse.

Treatment Types

Traditional MicrodermabrasionVibraderm
End-Point is Exfoliation OnlyThe Vibraderm exfoliates simply to prepare the skin for a topical or laser treatment
Inhalation of Aluminum Oxide Crystals, salt, baking powder, ect.The Vibraderm does not use any particles or crystals
Uneven treatment / Streaking or TroughingThe Vibraderm has an even treatment because the Spot size is so large
Uncomfortable Treatment6 out of 10 of the Patients Fall asleep during the Vibraderm treatment.
The Disposable Crystal cost are HiddenThe Vibraderm has no disposable cost.
No good clinical studiesThe Vibraderm Has multiple studies currently and have many on going.
Small spot size - cannot treat bodyThe Vibraderm is quick and has different treatment paddles for different parts of the body.
Crystals are left imbedded in skinThe Vibraderm does not use any form of Crystals
Diamond Tip Systems need to sterirlizedThe Personal Vibraderm Kits are Patient Specific.


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