28 February 2009

Fresh Lips

Now Lipstick not only packed in a tubular applicator or packed as a lipstick-pencil, but also available on dry shape, solid, liquid or even powder; offers you easy of choosing lipstick as you wish.

Well, powder or spread lipstick is nor easy to apply. You should use lipgloss as medium to stick. If you choose colored spread lipstick better if you use transparent lipgloss, so the color showed on lips can be control. But, if you want to combine two colors between the color of lipstick and the color of lipgloss, try it first on hand. Use spread lipstick with cushion brush then homogenous it with lip brush.

There is also powder lipstick complete with glitter to give special effect on lips. First, use colored lipstick then apply the glitter by cotton bud or soft brush.

Usually, women like liquid lipstick because it’s simple, easy to use, and has many package: in rolling tubular or in crush tube (like tooth paste). Sometimes the lipstick contains moisturizer to give sexy effect on the lips.
If you want to sharpen lipstick-pencil, put it in refrigerator for a while to easier your job when whittle the pencil. Before apply the lipstick, spread foundation little bit on lips so the color will be more durable.
For you who have dry and wrinkle lips, always use lipbalm routinely. Keep the cleanliness of the lipstick package, so it’s not easy to be contaminated. Don’t throw the plastic transparent cover on the powder box, because this plastic used to prevent the lipstick powder spilled.

So, wanna get fresh lips? Pick one of them, ok girls.

27 February 2009

Strategy of Beauty Lips

When your lip skin lean to dry, wrinkle and bleeding, definitely make you uncomfortable. There are some steps you can do to make your lip looks perfect and fresh, try this….

Wrinkle Lip
Use dark color to cover the texture of the wrinkle lip. Though you use maroon or cadmium-red color for your lips matte, your feminine style still can be show up by make a sharp curve on the corner of the lip. You can also use pink pencil-lip to make a line on the lips.
Skin around the lip line may seem wrinkle, you can cover it by make a bee shape, especially for you who have thin lips and lip line. The circle shape inside the lip line gives a full volume on lips. You can choose flame red to get 20's sweetie make up yang.

Big and Thick Lip
You can make new line inside the original lip line. Make the lower and upper ends sharp so the shape looks natural. Use peach color for the lip line then apply lip gloss for the final step.
In order to make lips durable and pretty, always use lip balm as the lipstick foundation. Lip balm can reduce the water evaporation on the lips surface and your lips we’ll not easily get dry and wrinkle.

Durable lipstick?
If you want your lipstick durable, you can spread beauty powder on it. Then apply your lipstick once again and lip gloss for the final step.

Matte lips?
After you apply lipstick on your lips, put tissue between the lower and upper lip, than valve it. This is good to roll out the color and remove excessive gloss and oil.
Obscure the surface or unperfect lip line with concealer stick, such as for the thick and unsymmetrical lip.

Beauty lips is show now.

24 February 2009

Let’s Try The Nature Masker!

Face the most important asset for all women. That’s why many women always find the way to have pretty and health skin face. Doing Mesotherapy treatment at home can be little bit difficult because we don’t have the tools Gun. But, as alternative way, you can take care your face by masker routinely. There are four types of masker which you can make by yourself at home, try these...

Tomato and Albume Masker
  1. Crush a tomato, add 1 spoon albume, mix it
  2. Apply it on the face and allow it for 15-30 minutes
  3. Wash the face with warm water
  4. Do it routinely, 1-2 times a week to get a smooth face
Morinda Masker
  1. Peel one morinda and then crush it
  2. Mix with 1-2 sp honey and 1 sp albume, mix until homogenous
  3. Apply it on the face and allow for 30 minutes until the masker get dry and your skin feel tight
  4. Clean the face with warm water and wash it once again with cold water
  5. Do it 1-2 times a week
  6. Not advisable for dry skin
Juicy Tuber (Bengkuang) Masker
  1. Peel small juicy tuber, scrape it
  2. Apply it on the face and allow it for 20 minutes. Then, wash it.
  3. Do it once a week.
  4. This masker was good for them who active in the field
Lime Masker
  1. Wash a lime, shred it
  2. Take the limejuice and drink it
  3. Swap the skin with inner part of the lime peel, allow for 10 minutes, then wash it with cold water.
  4. This masker was good to control excessive oil on your face

Red Color For Your Lips

Not all skin color match with red lipstick. But, if you still want to apply red lipstick, match your red color with your skin. It’s not easy to choose which red lipstick suit for you, because there are lots of different red lipsticks.

Read this few tips to match your red color lipstick with the lip :
Match with your skin. If you lean to have pale skin, you can choose deep red or redrose color. While for you who have colored and bright skin, better use brownish-red color. But, if you have yellowish teeth, then red color with blue-touch will make your teeth look whitener.

Try it before buy. When you buy lipstick, better if you try on the lip not in hand because however, The color of the skin and the lips are different.

Apply it correctly. To get satisfied result, apply lipstick straight from the lipstick applicator or you can use lipstick-brush, don’t use hand. Apply the lipstick from the outer line then give little bit beauty powder and apply lipstick once again.

Perfect with lipliner. If you want to use lipliner, use neutral color lipliner or same color with your lips. If your lipstick start to rusted away, your lip line will not too visible.

Follow your intuition. Confuse which color is match for you? Try to follow your intuition at first time you saw it. Then listen once again to your hearth when you see the lipstick applied on your lips. Better if you ask your friend to company you, he or she can give you their opinion.

Create your style. If the red color is to “eye catching” for you, try to use colored lipgloss. Waxy lipstick seems looks little bit wet, mussy and not durable. While Matte lipstick is more durable and quick dry. That’s why, spread moisturizer before you apply matte lipstick.

Make up slightly. Try to makeup slightly when buy lipstick. It makes you easier to see the result. Don’t be rush to choose, see it once again until you really sure that this color is match for you. Remember, sometimes eyes need few minutes to adapt with your new look.

So, have a nice hunting.

23 February 2009

Carefull With The Danger Salon : The Medi-Spa Injection

BotoxAlthough serious side effects from cosmetic injectables are extremely rare, counterfeit products have caused the most serious problems. Cosmetic injections are considered extremely safe, but they can cause side effects, like bruising, redness, lumps, and bumps. Most are temporary, but some, like droopy eyelids and a frozen expression, both of which can happen with Botox, can be upsetting.

There are lots of cheaper fake and foreign botox products out there, but only one real Botox cosmetic currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration. When considering a cosmetic filler, it’s extremely important to make sure you’re getting something that’s FDA-approved. Botox effectiveness can be reduced if diluted incorrectly before being administered. Botox comes as a powder and is mixed with a saline solution, so it could be overdiluted by someone trying to stretch profits.

BotoxBig case in 2006, a woman from California died after receiving injections of fake Botox (it’s a cooking oil) from a hairdresser who was not licensed to do the treatment.

What the muscles do when you talk and express emotions can make the difference between a natural-looking outcome and something that’s just plain bizarre. So, the farther you get from a plastic surgeon’s or dermatologist’s office, the more likely you are to have less-knowledgeable or inexperienced people doing the procedure.

Don’t Want That Happen To You Too? Follow This Tips :
  1. NeedleMake sure the person that so this treatment was a physician. A nondoctor may not know the ins and outs of where a filler versus Botox would work best.
  2. Find out the spa’s emergency procedures. You should be told what could go wrong and how quickly a doctor can get there.
  3. Check the credentials, training, and expertise of the person doing the injections. For example, someone experienced in cosmetic fixes will know that the hyaluronic acid in Restylane and Juvederm, can be dissolved Hair Cutby injecting a substance called hyaluronidase. They also know that some people are allergic to hyaluronidase.
  4. Watch out for the prices! Don’t get gullicle with the low prize. The average price for Botox is $360 and injectable fillers range from about $390 (collagen) to $557 (Restylane, a hyaluronic acid. Prices can be much higher in urban areas, however.
  5. Look at the product. Make sure that the package is unopened and the brand name and manufacturer are the same as what you were promised. Allergan, for example, has put a hologram on its Botox packaging to foil counterfeits.
  6. Ask about ongoing training. new Botox-like products expect to reach the market in the next year. All the new products disperse differently in the tissues, so you’ll need to inject each one somewhat differently. People performing these procedures are going to need to understand the differences.

21 February 2009

Revitalize Face With Mesotherapy

The most important part of women’s body is must be the face. And to get clean shiny face, all women need extra notice to this part. Many treatments can be follow to keep the skin face looks gorgeous and charming. One of treatment which could bring back the elasticity and touchness of the skin face is Mesotheraphy.

At the first time, mesotherapy treatment was used to remove fat in the body. But, then the treatment is developing to tightening the face, remove acne print until avoid early aging. Mesotherapy also can help you with hair problems especially hair loss.

Mesotherapy treatment method utilize special tool called Gun. This tool is used to put in the medicine to the target effectively.

If you interesting to do this treatment, better you observe the procedure of this treatment :
  1. First thing to do is clean your face with facial foam on the T-area, then move to the eyes and the last part is the chin. Wipe slowly until all excrement removed.
  2. After that, put inside needle to the gun then inject it at the forehead area, the cheek and the chin.
  3. Apply vitamin C cream spread evenly to the hole face, allow it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Then put lint on your face before apply masker for 15 minutes until it dry.
  5. Remove the masker then give moisturizer to the face and lip balm to the lip.
After do this treatment, you should never crush your acne on your face coz the acne spot will be hard to remove. Clean your face with scrub soap so the excrement easily to remove.

Before do this treatment, better if you find out the qualified, certified and the best clinic. Good Luck.

20 February 2009

All About Beauty Skin

Take care of your skin with appropriate product and suitable with your skin type can make your skin healthier. First thing you should do is recognize your skin type, so you can get the best treatment.

Dry Skin
If after wash your face, you feel tight on your skin, then your skin is categorized as dry skin type. Apply make-up can be little bit difficult because the make up not stick and not spread evenly. The other characteristic is your face is not easily pimpled.

Better if you wash you face with warm water. Don’t use hot water because hot water can make your skin lose its moisture. Choose product which labeled free soap. Also apply moisturizer routinely.

Oily Skin
What are the characteristics for oily skin? If you felt your face oily after wash at the next couple hours, the foundation you applied get quick faded and become discolored, a blackhead in face and pores gets wider, then you better wash your face everyday with antibacterial cleanser to remove all bacterial that cause acne. Avoid toner contains alcohol because your skin will be more oily than before. To help prevent the pores clog, choose product that has oil-free formula.

Neutral skin
This type of skin will be look oily at the T- area (chin, nose and forehead), while the cheek will look dry and scaly. Neutral skin gets pimply or blackhead at the T-area easily. Use combination formula which cannot blotting out your skin moisturizer.
Clean your face with free alcohol toner and apply it only on the forehead, nose and chin. Smear the moisturizer (sunscreen oil free) only on the scaly face.

All skin type can be more sensitive so that it’s easily itchy, red or irritate. Avoid products that contain scrub with rough grain, antiaging product, fragrance or preservative. Better choose sunscreen with PABA-Free. You can choose sunscreen product contains titanium dioxide. This was PABA product alternative which good for sensitive/ irritate skin.

Carefull With The Danger Salon : The Nail Salon

Foot Spa
Foot SpaIt’s so great relaxing your body and mind by soaking your feet in a tub of warm, bubbling water. Pedicure perhaps? Oh, yeah!

But, Be ware! Many salon were salon were infected with a nasty bacteria called Mycobacterium fortuitum and other worries such as warts and fungal infections. Both spread on wet skin.

This end up with many women had dozens of boils and were on antibiotics for months.

Many salons were had potential dangerous bacteria. That’s why nail salons have to follow specific cleaning and disinfection procedures for their foot spas, but not all states have the same requirements and not all salons follow the rules.

What Should I Do To Avoid Getting Infected?
  1. Always wash your hands and feet with antibacterial soap before procedure and ask your technician to wash her hands.
  2. Ask to see the foot-spa-cleaning log. Salons with the highest standards drain all the water, scrub the residue from the walls, and run a cycle of disinfectant for 10 minutes between every client—a procedure that’s particularly important for older machines with pipes that can harbor standing water, a haven for bacteria. Many salons are switching to pipeless foot spas, which don’t have a place for water and bacteria to build up; they still should be disinfected between clients and at the end of the day, and filtration screens should be periodically removed and cleaned.
  3. Don’t shave your legs the same day with your pedicure treatment because even a small cut can offer an entry point for minuscule bacteria and other infection-causing bugs.
  4. If your aesthetician has a cut on her hands, reschedule your appointment, ask for a different technician, or ask her to wear gloves.
Mani and Pedi Instruments
You wouldn’t poke yourself with a sharp instrument at home without sure it was clean such as Credo blade, a razor-like device that’s used to shave off calluses in many salons. It’s illegal in most states, but pedicurists routinely violate the rules. People have had tendons cut because a manicurist slipped while shaving a callus on the heel.
Meni Pedi Set
Even common utencils such as cuticle cutters and scissors have potential to transmit staph infections, hepatitis B and C, and HIV if they’re contaminated with even microscopic drops of blood from an infected person. Ordinary tools like files, brushes, and cuticle instruments also can be contaminated with fungus. The best way to treat fungus is with a topical antifungal cream, but some require a prescription-strength oral medication.

Don’t Want Get Injured Like That? Follow This :
  1. Ask how the salon disinfects its instruments. Can be done by strelizied the instruments with autoclave or oven. Implements should be disinfected between clients. They should be washed in soap and water, then soaked in disinfectant in a covered container. The solution should say bactericidal, fungicidal, germicidal, or virucidal on it. Clean tools should then be stored separately from used ones.
  2. Disposible items - Items that can’t be disinfected : nail-buffer blocks, nail brushes, emery boards. Those items were one time use, should be thrown away immediately after being used. Bring your own is supersafe.
  3. Say no to razor-edge cutters and cuticle cutters. It’s easy to slice the skin with cuticle cutters. Cuticles actually serve an important purpose, providing a protective barrier to microbes that could seep under your nails with water and cause an infection. If your cuticles are too long, have the aesthetician gently push them back or do it yourself at home with your own tools.
  4. Avoid pedis and manis if you’re diabetic or if your immune system is compromised because of chemotherapy or a recent bout with a serious illness like breast cancer. You’re much more susceptible to all sorts of infections if your immune system isn’t functioning well.

19 February 2009

Carefull with The Danger Salon : The Waxer

WaxingThree years ago, a woman from Westlake, Ohio came to a local salon for eyebrows wax. She felt very hot at the moment it was applied, but the aesthetician assured that the temperature of the wax pot was carefully controlled. After the wax was removed, her skin started oozing and scabs began to form. She got burn! She had to go to a formal event with scabs on her eyebrows and ‘till today her skin still creepy and wrinkled.

WaxingBurns are actually fairly common during body waxing, even though wax pots are supposed to be temperature controlled. The other serious wax-related woe is infection, particularly if the aesthetician double dips the waxing sticks. Since people have everything from staph to herpes to viral warts on their skin, double-dipping the sticks is a no-no—especially during a bikini wax.”

Waxing can also leave little red bumps called folliculitis on the skin especially from bikini waxes. This colud be happens when bacteria get in your hair follicles and cause a little localized infection.

So, what thing you should paid attention to?
  1. Protect yourself.If the wax feels too hot, Do not continue! Even fairly minor burns on the face can leave permanent scars.
  2. WaxDon’t use numbing products. Apply and absorbing too much lidocaine cream before waxing can be dangerous, particularly if you cover it with plastic wrap. You can’t tell if the wax is too hot if your skin’s numb.
  3. Make sure your technician has a license for waxing; a hairstylist, for instance, is not automatically licensed to wax.
  4. Ask for a new wax stick to avoid infection, with every application.
  5. Be sure use a clean towel or clean paper beneath you if you’re lying on a table for a bikini wax.
  6. Wash the freshly waxed area gently with soap and water to prevent folliculitis, apply a dab of antibiotic ointment, and keep it as clean and dry as possible.
  7. WaxDon’t get waxed if you’re using an antiwrinkle or acne treatment containing retinol; get tweezed instead. The chemicals in Retin-A and similar products make your skin sensitive, so the wax can actually pull a layer off.
  8. For a bikini wax, make sure the aesthetician wears disposable gloves.

18 February 2009

Carefull With The Danger Salon : The Hair Salon

Hair DyeChemicals and Relaxers
In 2007, doctors Sumner L. Koch Burn Center reported a case that a young woman hospitalized and received skin grafts, and was left with two 3-centimeter bald patches at the top of her head after. She got chemical burns while highlights her hair at the local salon.

Although such severe injuries are rare, hair straighteners and dyes can cause everything from itchy, raw skin to trouble breathing. Some consumen had allergic reactions at their faces and eyelids, they swell or break out in hives after salon hair treatments.

How to prevent this chemical burn happen to Me?
  1. Have your stylist test any chemicals on the inside of your elbow the day before you get your hair done to make sure you’re not allergic.
  2. If you feel a burning sensation on your scalp while you have color on your hair, alert your stylist and have her wash the chemicals off ASAP.
  3. Make sure your technician is paying attention when wielding hot blow-dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.
Combs and brushes
Combs & BrushesMost of hair salon even the top one used combs and brushes at their stations. But don’t you know that those styling tools can carry fungal infections such as ringworm, dandruff, and lice. Lice can spread through hair salons and not just low-end places.

I Don’t Want Get Any of Those Creatures, How Would I Do It?
If you see that the stylists are using combs and brushes on client after client, bring your own during your next visit.

Shampooing Sink
Having someone else shampoo your hair is a true pleasure of a salon visit. In rare instances, though, tilting your head back can cause a tiny tear in an artery in your neck, triggering a stroke.

How Can I Protect My Self?
Tilting your head backward into a sink while shampooing can alter blood flow to the brain, but researchers at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey reported that using a support, such as a towel, minimizes the problem.

Be sure you know the signs of stroke :
  1. sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm, or leg on one side of the body
  2. confusion or trouble speaking or understanding
  3. trouble walkingHair Wash
  4. dizziness or loss of balance or coordination
  5. difficulty seeing in one or both eyes
  6. a sudden, severe headache
  7. and get medical help immediately
  8. to prevent permanent damage, the anticlotting drug t-PA must be given within three hours of a stroke’s onset

09 February 2009

Great Skin With Masker Mayones

Everybody definitely wants to have soft, refined and wrinkle free skin, especially for woman. Well, sometimes we have to spend lots of money to get the skin we want to.

Now, there are so many treatments offered by many beauty salon or beauty house to get it. But if you only have minimum budget, you can do the mayones nature treatment. Mmm... Want to know how to do it? Read this...

The materials you need to prepare are mayones, pure honey and lemon squash. How to make it is very easy :
  1. Place 2 sp mayones in small bowl
  2. Add 1.2 sp pure honey into to mayones
  3. Squash lemon about 1 sp and mix with the mayonese and hone
  4. Apply the mixture to your face
  5. Allow it for 20-35 minutes, then wash your face with warm water
Manyonese is the best treatment for your dry skin. Masker mayones will help the skin to remove the dead skin so that your skin will look more shining.

Honey has been proved for centuries as treatment product for beauty and health coz honey contains antibacterial which is cleaning softly and moisture the skin.

Lemon is the perfect mixture for the masker. Lemon helps you to sponged out acne without make your skin dry. Lemon also believed to as perfect ingredients for combination skin type (dry and oily skin). It also can reduce the size of pores on your skin face.

Dark Skin : Ready for Party?

Having dark skin is not a disaster. With all of the commercial whitening product, of course will not reduce your confidence, right? Conversely, in the middle of the party, you who have black skin can be more outstanding with an appropriate make-up. Not believe it? Follow this next steps :

Step one
  1. Clean the face with cleansing soap or milk cleanser plus toner according with your skin type. Clean skin make the make-up application more durable.
  2. After that, wipe your face with moisturizer, let it penetrate to your skin. Moisturizer was used to protect your skin from the side effect of make-up.
  3. Apply foundation with beige or gold-brown color just like your skin.
Step two
  1. Start to use your face powder. If you’re not sure with the color of the face powder you’re gona use, you can choose a transparent or translucent powder.
  2. Wipe it smoothly through your face, neck until the back of your ears.
  3. After that, apply gold shimmer in order to make your dark skin looks “eye catching”.
Step three
  1. Start to make-up!
  2. Eye shadow : Don’t doubt to use bright color like nickel green and electric purple. You can choose liquid eye shadow, it’s more durable on your eyelid.
  3. Lips : Brownish-gold, sorrel and purple are magic color. These colors can make your lips looks more beautiful. Wipe it with lipstick-brush to make the color more thick.
  4. Apply brownish-gold or peach blush on to make your face looks more pinky.
  5. Complete your beauty with black mascara. Make your eyes more lovely.
Easy, right? Let’s take a party then!

6 Steps to Get Sensual Lip

Do you always imagine your favorite artists with her sensual lips? You also can have it. Don’t feel inferior with your unperfect lip. With good trick, your lips will looks sensual too just like an artist.

These next steps were valid for all lip shape and you can do it yourself without make-up artists.

Step 1
Always use lipbalm, before make-up your lips, especially on dry lips and chap-wrinkle lip. Lip balm was used to protect your lip-skin from irritation caused by inappropriate lipstick.

Step 2
Use lipliner or pencil lip with round tip. Don’t use sharp tip lipliner coz it’s gona hurt your lip skin, especially if your lip skin is sensitive.

Step 3
Reshape your lip with lipliner appropriate with the lip line. Don’t make new line outside the original line. Lipliner was used to clarify your lips and help you to apply lipstick on your lips so that the color not go out of the lip line.

Step 4
If you want an optimal result, avoid the using lipstick directly. Apply lipstick with soft applicator like soft brush special for lip only.

Step 5
After apply the lipstick, use lipgloss, also apply it with soft brush. Try not to use the same brush. Lipgloss give wet effect through your sensual lips.

Step 6
For you who want to cast in a different mold, you can give a glitter effect or gold powder at lower lip in order to make your lips looks full.

Tips :
  • For all the girls who have thick-lips at upper and lower lip: use soft color lipstick such as pink or brown.
  • For all the girls who have thick-lip at upper or lower lip: use slight lipstick at the thick-lip.
  • If you had bumpy-color lip: mix the color of your lipstick with a nude lipstick for the dark side lip. Use the original color of your lipstick at the bright lip.
  • If you have thun lips : choose lipstick with bright color such as china red and plum.

05 February 2009

Sandalwood : The Kings Scent

SandalwoodSandalwood is a tree which produces fragrant scent, from its leaf, stem, and root. Sandalwood grows in many Asia countries, such as Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. It also has many varieties, but the best quality of Sandalwood is from Mysoram, South India. It Have common with Sandalwood from Timor Leste which used to wash the Kings body in Java.

SandalwoodThe smell of Sandalwood is like a strong magnet to your nerve inside your body. Once you smell it, the feel of calm shows up. That’s why Sandalwood essential oils for aromatherapy is sell like hot cakes in many shops. There are many products made from Sandalwood, such as candle aromatherapy, essential oil, dry root, joss stick, and perfume. They say, Asoka, one of the India king, love to take a bath with sandalwood oil. His scent can be smell from far distance and many girls want to be touch by Asoka.

SandalwoodWant to be charm as Asoka? It’s too excessive if you take a bath with sandalwood everyday. Prettiness shows up if your soul is calm and comfort. You can use and enjoy the scent of Sandalwood by aromatherapy candle or as massage oil. Then take a bath with warm water. Your tension will be calm down by it self.

You also can massage your face with Sandalwood slowly with circle move. Let it 10 minutes, then wipe up with warm water until clean. Your black circle around eyes and wrinkles will be gone slowly but surely. Hazy face will be gone if you apply it routinely. Try it, you’ll love it.