09 February 2009

Do you always imagine your favorite artists with her sensual lips? You also can have it. Don’t feel inferior with your unperfect lip. With good trick, your lips will looks sensual too just like an artist.

These next steps were valid for all lip shape and you can do it yourself without make-up artists.

Step 1
Always use lipbalm, before make-up your lips, especially on dry lips and chap-wrinkle lip. Lip balm was used to protect your lip-skin from irritation caused by inappropriate lipstick.

Step 2
Use lipliner or pencil lip with round tip. Don’t use sharp tip lipliner coz it’s gona hurt your lip skin, especially if your lip skin is sensitive.

Step 3
Reshape your lip with lipliner appropriate with the lip line. Don’t make new line outside the original line. Lipliner was used to clarify your lips and help you to apply lipstick on your lips so that the color not go out of the lip line.

Step 4
If you want an optimal result, avoid the using lipstick directly. Apply lipstick with soft applicator like soft brush special for lip only.

Step 5
After apply the lipstick, use lipgloss, also apply it with soft brush. Try not to use the same brush. Lipgloss give wet effect through your sensual lips.

Step 6
For you who want to cast in a different mold, you can give a glitter effect or gold powder at lower lip in order to make your lips looks full.

Tips :
  • For all the girls who have thick-lips at upper and lower lip: use soft color lipstick such as pink or brown.
  • For all the girls who have thick-lip at upper or lower lip: use slight lipstick at the thick-lip.
  • If you had bumpy-color lip: mix the color of your lipstick with a nude lipstick for the dark side lip. Use the original color of your lipstick at the bright lip.
  • If you have thun lips : choose lipstick with bright color such as china red and plum.


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