20 February 2009

Take care of your skin with appropriate product and suitable with your skin type can make your skin healthier. First thing you should do is recognize your skin type, so you can get the best treatment.

Dry Skin
If after wash your face, you feel tight on your skin, then your skin is categorized as dry skin type. Apply make-up can be little bit difficult because the make up not stick and not spread evenly. The other characteristic is your face is not easily pimpled.

Better if you wash you face with warm water. Don’t use hot water because hot water can make your skin lose its moisture. Choose product which labeled free soap. Also apply moisturizer routinely.

Oily Skin
What are the characteristics for oily skin? If you felt your face oily after wash at the next couple hours, the foundation you applied get quick faded and become discolored, a blackhead in face and pores gets wider, then you better wash your face everyday with antibacterial cleanser to remove all bacterial that cause acne. Avoid toner contains alcohol because your skin will be more oily than before. To help prevent the pores clog, choose product that has oil-free formula.

Neutral skin
This type of skin will be look oily at the T- area (chin, nose and forehead), while the cheek will look dry and scaly. Neutral skin gets pimply or blackhead at the T-area easily. Use combination formula which cannot blotting out your skin moisturizer.
Clean your face with free alcohol toner and apply it only on the forehead, nose and chin. Smear the moisturizer (sunscreen oil free) only on the scaly face.

All skin type can be more sensitive so that it’s easily itchy, red or irritate. Avoid products that contain scrub with rough grain, antiaging product, fragrance or preservative. Better choose sunscreen with PABA-Free. You can choose sunscreen product contains titanium dioxide. This was PABA product alternative which good for sensitive/ irritate skin.


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