09 February 2009

Having dark skin is not a disaster. With all of the commercial whitening product, of course will not reduce your confidence, right? Conversely, in the middle of the party, you who have black skin can be more outstanding with an appropriate make-up. Not believe it? Follow this next steps :

Step one
  1. Clean the face with cleansing soap or milk cleanser plus toner according with your skin type. Clean skin make the make-up application more durable.
  2. After that, wipe your face with moisturizer, let it penetrate to your skin. Moisturizer was used to protect your skin from the side effect of make-up.
  3. Apply foundation with beige or gold-brown color just like your skin.
Step two
  1. Start to use your face powder. If you’re not sure with the color of the face powder you’re gona use, you can choose a transparent or translucent powder.
  2. Wipe it smoothly through your face, neck until the back of your ears.
  3. After that, apply gold shimmer in order to make your dark skin looks “eye catching”.
Step three
  1. Start to make-up!
  2. Eye shadow : Don’t doubt to use bright color like nickel green and electric purple. You can choose liquid eye shadow, it’s more durable on your eyelid.
  3. Lips : Brownish-gold, sorrel and purple are magic color. These colors can make your lips looks more beautiful. Wipe it with lipstick-brush to make the color more thick.
  4. Apply brownish-gold or peach blush on to make your face looks more pinky.
  5. Complete your beauty with black mascara. Make your eyes more lovely.
Easy, right? Let’s take a party then!


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