28 February 2009

Now Lipstick not only packed in a tubular applicator or packed as a lipstick-pencil, but also available on dry shape, solid, liquid or even powder; offers you easy of choosing lipstick as you wish.

Well, powder or spread lipstick is nor easy to apply. You should use lipgloss as medium to stick. If you choose colored spread lipstick better if you use transparent lipgloss, so the color showed on lips can be control. But, if you want to combine two colors between the color of lipstick and the color of lipgloss, try it first on hand. Use spread lipstick with cushion brush then homogenous it with lip brush.

There is also powder lipstick complete with glitter to give special effect on lips. First, use colored lipstick then apply the glitter by cotton bud or soft brush.

Usually, women like liquid lipstick because it’s simple, easy to use, and has many package: in rolling tubular or in crush tube (like tooth paste). Sometimes the lipstick contains moisturizer to give sexy effect on the lips.
If you want to sharpen lipstick-pencil, put it in refrigerator for a while to easier your job when whittle the pencil. Before apply the lipstick, spread foundation little bit on lips so the color will be more durable.
For you who have dry and wrinkle lips, always use lipbalm routinely. Keep the cleanliness of the lipstick package, so it’s not easy to be contaminated. Don’t throw the plastic transparent cover on the powder box, because this plastic used to prevent the lipstick powder spilled.

So, wanna get fresh lips? Pick one of them, ok girls.


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