09 February 2009

Everybody definitely wants to have soft, refined and wrinkle free skin, especially for woman. Well, sometimes we have to spend lots of money to get the skin we want to.

Now, there are so many treatments offered by many beauty salon or beauty house to get it. But if you only have minimum budget, you can do the mayones nature treatment. Mmm... Want to know how to do it? Read this...

The materials you need to prepare are mayones, pure honey and lemon squash. How to make it is very easy :
  1. Place 2 sp mayones in small bowl
  2. Add 1.2 sp pure honey into to mayones
  3. Squash lemon about 1 sp and mix with the mayonese and hone
  4. Apply the mixture to your face
  5. Allow it for 20-35 minutes, then wash your face with warm water
Manyonese is the best treatment for your dry skin. Masker mayones will help the skin to remove the dead skin so that your skin will look more shining.

Honey has been proved for centuries as treatment product for beauty and health coz honey contains antibacterial which is cleaning softly and moisture the skin.

Lemon is the perfect mixture for the masker. Lemon helps you to sponged out acne without make your skin dry. Lemon also believed to as perfect ingredients for combination skin type (dry and oily skin). It also can reduce the size of pores on your skin face.


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