24 February 2009

Not all skin color match with red lipstick. But, if you still want to apply red lipstick, match your red color with your skin. It’s not easy to choose which red lipstick suit for you, because there are lots of different red lipsticks.

Read this few tips to match your red color lipstick with the lip :
Match with your skin. If you lean to have pale skin, you can choose deep red or redrose color. While for you who have colored and bright skin, better use brownish-red color. But, if you have yellowish teeth, then red color with blue-touch will make your teeth look whitener.

Try it before buy. When you buy lipstick, better if you try on the lip not in hand because however, The color of the skin and the lips are different.

Apply it correctly. To get satisfied result, apply lipstick straight from the lipstick applicator or you can use lipstick-brush, don’t use hand. Apply the lipstick from the outer line then give little bit beauty powder and apply lipstick once again.

Perfect with lipliner. If you want to use lipliner, use neutral color lipliner or same color with your lips. If your lipstick start to rusted away, your lip line will not too visible.

Follow your intuition. Confuse which color is match for you? Try to follow your intuition at first time you saw it. Then listen once again to your hearth when you see the lipstick applied on your lips. Better if you ask your friend to company you, he or she can give you their opinion.

Create your style. If the red color is to “eye catching” for you, try to use colored lipgloss. Waxy lipstick seems looks little bit wet, mussy and not durable. While Matte lipstick is more durable and quick dry. That’s why, spread moisturizer before you apply matte lipstick.

Make up slightly. Try to makeup slightly when buy lipstick. It makes you easier to see the result. Don’t be rush to choose, see it once again until you really sure that this color is match for you. Remember, sometimes eyes need few minutes to adapt with your new look.

So, have a nice hunting.


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