21 February 2009

The most important part of women’s body is must be the face. And to get clean shiny face, all women need extra notice to this part. Many treatments can be follow to keep the skin face looks gorgeous and charming. One of treatment which could bring back the elasticity and touchness of the skin face is Mesotheraphy.

At the first time, mesotherapy treatment was used to remove fat in the body. But, then the treatment is developing to tightening the face, remove acne print until avoid early aging. Mesotherapy also can help you with hair problems especially hair loss.

Mesotherapy treatment method utilize special tool called Gun. This tool is used to put in the medicine to the target effectively.

If you interesting to do this treatment, better you observe the procedure of this treatment :
  1. First thing to do is clean your face with facial foam on the T-area, then move to the eyes and the last part is the chin. Wipe slowly until all excrement removed.
  2. After that, put inside needle to the gun then inject it at the forehead area, the cheek and the chin.
  3. Apply vitamin C cream spread evenly to the hole face, allow it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Then put lint on your face before apply masker for 15 minutes until it dry.
  5. Remove the masker then give moisturizer to the face and lip balm to the lip.
After do this treatment, you should never crush your acne on your face coz the acne spot will be hard to remove. Clean your face with scrub soap so the excrement easily to remove.

Before do this treatment, better if you find out the qualified, certified and the best clinic. Good Luck.


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