05 February 2009

SandalwoodSandalwood is a tree which produces fragrant scent, from its leaf, stem, and root. Sandalwood grows in many Asia countries, such as Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. It also has many varieties, but the best quality of Sandalwood is from Mysoram, South India. It Have common with Sandalwood from Timor Leste which used to wash the Kings body in Java.

SandalwoodThe smell of Sandalwood is like a strong magnet to your nerve inside your body. Once you smell it, the feel of calm shows up. That’s why Sandalwood essential oils for aromatherapy is sell like hot cakes in many shops. There are many products made from Sandalwood, such as candle aromatherapy, essential oil, dry root, joss stick, and perfume. They say, Asoka, one of the India king, love to take a bath with sandalwood oil. His scent can be smell from far distance and many girls want to be touch by Asoka.

SandalwoodWant to be charm as Asoka? It’s too excessive if you take a bath with sandalwood everyday. Prettiness shows up if your soul is calm and comfort. You can use and enjoy the scent of Sandalwood by aromatherapy candle or as massage oil. Then take a bath with warm water. Your tension will be calm down by it self.

You also can massage your face with Sandalwood slowly with circle move. Let it 10 minutes, then wipe up with warm water until clean. Your black circle around eyes and wrinkles will be gone slowly but surely. Hazy face will be gone if you apply it routinely. Try it, you’ll love it.


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