27 February 2009

When your lip skin lean to dry, wrinkle and bleeding, definitely make you uncomfortable. There are some steps you can do to make your lip looks perfect and fresh, try this….

Wrinkle Lip
Use dark color to cover the texture of the wrinkle lip. Though you use maroon or cadmium-red color for your lips matte, your feminine style still can be show up by make a sharp curve on the corner of the lip. You can also use pink pencil-lip to make a line on the lips.
Skin around the lip line may seem wrinkle, you can cover it by make a bee shape, especially for you who have thin lips and lip line. The circle shape inside the lip line gives a full volume on lips. You can choose flame red to get 20's sweetie make up yang.

Big and Thick Lip
You can make new line inside the original lip line. Make the lower and upper ends sharp so the shape looks natural. Use peach color for the lip line then apply lip gloss for the final step.
In order to make lips durable and pretty, always use lip balm as the lipstick foundation. Lip balm can reduce the water evaporation on the lips surface and your lips we’ll not easily get dry and wrinkle.

Durable lipstick?
If you want your lipstick durable, you can spread beauty powder on it. Then apply your lipstick once again and lip gloss for the final step.

Matte lips?
After you apply lipstick on your lips, put tissue between the lower and upper lip, than valve it. This is good to roll out the color and remove excessive gloss and oil.
Obscure the surface or unperfect lip line with concealer stick, such as for the thick and unsymmetrical lip.

Beauty lips is show now.


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