18 March 2009

A beauty surgeon, Dr. Robert Rey, who often had surgery for Hollywood celebrity, share with us the secret of beauty without surgery. Want to know the secret? Read this next article.

Stop Consume Caffeine
Well, this one is little bit hard to stop, because it’ll change your habit, especially if you work in night. Caffeine was needed to keep your eyes “open”. But Dr. Rey said, caffeine can increase the risk of cellulite and make your body can’t absorb vitamin. He recommend consume dark chocolate to change caffeine. Dark chocolate can maintenance your young skin and of course your eyes can still open even you work in the night.

Don’t Eat Instant Product or Synthetic Product
Ice cream, Bread with topping, pasta and another food that has been add with synthetic and chemical substance only make those chemicals accumulate in your body. Change you diet! Fruit and vegetables are always fun to eat.

Honey, Sweet As The Honey
Honey is biggest beauty secret. Put honey and brown sugar on a bowl, then heat it in microwave about 5secons. Use it as honey masker. This will wake you skin face more bright, shinning and tight.

Sleep With Some Pillows
Believe or not, sleep without pillow will make black circle around your eyes worse. It because your neck still working when you sleep. Your neck restrain the head weight. So, sleep with some pillow, make your neck as comfortable as you can.

Get Close With Cucumber
This was an old recipe but you have to try it. This mucous fruit can be a good raw material as toning what ever the brand product. Want to have more natural result? Caress the cucumber around your eyes and neck routinely. It freshening and remove the black circle around the eyes also fight against wrinkle naturally. Remember, do it routinely!

Cold Sponge
Stress and exhausted make you beauty shine decrease. Your eyes will be swollen and dull. Now, with simple trick, you can remove the bag eyes only in few minutes. Prepare a clean sponge, then dip it in cold water. Put on your bag eyes. The result is truly amazing!

Supine Sleep
Sleep with supine position is healthier than sleep with face downward position. Besides can relieve you breath, sleep with supine position can avoid wrinkle. Of course you should try it from now.

So, how is it? Ready to look fresh and young?


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