11 March 2009

Apply make up with soft or nature color usually related to brown or brownish color. Actually, there are lots of nature colors beside brown, such as green leaves, blue sky, red rose and other colors. Brown was like dominated all make up color because of its neutral color. Of course it’s not true, because there are other colors can be applied, so people who has fair complexioned and puce skin can be look bright on face. Now, start to experiment and never afraid to try bright color.

Fresh Green. Green always related to freshness. You can use many greens colors for make up, such as pastel green which is very popular in 60’s, dark green, and bright neon green. For Asian people, use greenish brown, such as moss green, this color will look natural for puce skin. If your skin lean to be fair complexioned colored, soft pastel green is your choice.

Because green is identically to fresh, suit the color on the other part of the face, such as lip and chick. Don’t apply dark color for chick and lips. Apply blush-on and lipgloss with pink or coral (combination of pink and orange) color. For special moment, you can try to combine green with gold or copper.

Sparkle Blue. Sparkle blue make up was very popular in 70’s. In that era, the popular blue color as make up color was pale blue and blue sky. But now days, the blue color is more modern, combination between pale blue sky and navy blue. Grey blue can counterbalance between the pale and the dark. This combination is very suitable for women who have puce skin.

Blue strong make up like this model is very suitable for evening show and for daily activity, you can decrease the blue intense and make it soft by rub the color with your hand after apply.

For evening show, you can combine blue with silver to have smoky eye make up, but still elegance and soft. If you use blue as dominant color for make up, it will be look “eye catching”. So, to balance it, you can use natural color like beige or cream colored on the chick, and cheny red on the lips.

Attracted to try?


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