11 March 2009

Salt is not only used for seasoning, because since hundreds years ago, salt has already become one of medicine. One of the beauty benefits of salt is smoothing and cleaning your skin and stimulate the skin cell (rejuvenating).

The used of bath salt are :
  • Clean your body while you submerge
  • Relaxing and refreshing
  • Decrease stress level

Nuance of relax is appear from the mix of fragrance which believed can influence emotion and mind significantly. Batch salt was well known of its peculiar property, especially if you mix the bath salt with essential oil, the mixture gives specific and fun aroma, one of them is Jasmine and Lavender. This essential salt is one of spa product which very traditional and cheap.
This bath salt was done to treat depression and remove toxin inside your body. The toxin will be removed through skin pores and sweat. In metaphysics and alternative medicine world, bath salt means protect your body from mystical and mysterious thing.

Among those bath, bath salt is the cheapest. But, bath salt is forbidden for them who have hypertension because salt can raises up blood pressure.

Spread two to three spoon of crystal salt mixed with essential oil into bathtub, stir it until homogenous. Submerged about 20 minutes, than rinse your body with lukewarm water. Let’s go try it.


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