27 March 2009

All women want to have beautiful, shining and healthy hair. But sometimes women less understand with their hair condition indeed they self make their hair damage, such as clamping, rebounding and etc.

When your hair starts to grow, cuticle cells will be dense and flat, with unbroken edge. It shows that the hair is still healthy. But daily treatment on hair such as combing, washing hair, and other treatment can cause friction on each sheet of hair and make the cuticle edge damaged. This was the cause of dull and rough hair.

Hard friction and chemical substance exposure such as rebounding, hair paint and etc make the cuticle layer scraped and make the hair protector gone so it’s easily broke, fracture and branched. Some chemical substances can entering the hair’s fibrous and ruin the hair protein, make the hair’s pore bigger and than make it more brittle.

Choose shampoo which not only can clean your hair from dust greasy oil, but also can treat the hair cuticle and make some protection layer in each sheet of hair. After you wash your hair, you should apply conditioner to make additional protection layer. It will make your hair durable against pollution or chemical substance from other hair products.

It will be better if you choose conditioner with lighter and protective formula. Choose shampoo and conditioner which appropriate with the type of your hair so those products can protect and repair the damaged hair. Be loyal with one brand mark because shampoo and conditioner from the same brand were design to complete each other. Watch and read the label, choose the right ingredients.


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