07 March 2009

Do you know that cellulite appearance is caused by the wrong diet? There are so many slim and thin women and their weight was perfect but still have problem with the cellulite. There’s still possibility, for someone who overweight will be out of cellulite when he or she losing his/her weight.

Doctors and nutritionist said, there is connection between under blood supply and fat cells, which then form into liquid as cellulite trigger because of the unbalanced food consumption. There are several foods you should avoid or alleviate to remove cellulite. Want to know? Read this next article…

Salt. There’s always salt in almost all cooking you consume, so it’s hard to avoid it. So, try to reduce in process food, especially food wrapped plastic, cartoon or food can. Change with fruits and fresh vegetables, such as stringbean, tempe, no fat meat and fish.

Caffeine. Try to consume not more than one cup of coffee or tea a day. Combination of high caffeine and sit on chair for a long time can make your blood venous wrinkle so the flow of your blood stream not smoothly.

Sugar. Excessive sugar inside your body will be accumulated as fat. That’s why, limit consumption of cookies, biscuits, candy, chocolate and ice cream. Don’t forget to read the label food on the pack, how much sugar contained in the product.

Start to consume high protein food. Consume food which contains protein twice amount than the ordinary food because these are essential nutrition for growth and repairing cell. You can find high protein food in milk, tempe (soybean), no fat meat and fish.

Consume more fruits and vegetables, because these were essential food for healthy program diet. Choose fruits and vegetables which have bright color coz these kind of fruits are rich of antioxidant, such as carrot, mango, blueberries, kiwi, chili, spinach, tomato and others.

So, leave a bad life and welcome healthy life.


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