12 March 2009

There's always way to be pretty but sometimes women forgot to treat their neck. In fact, neck looks more dark and wrinkle than the other part of the face. One of the ways to get smooth skin on the neck is by surgery. The surgery is very depends on the difficulty level because neck has many components such as plastima muscle, thyroid gland and some other tissues. Well, it would be better if you do treatment which don't need open surgery but still gives best result. There are some treatments you can do, try this next treatment.

Neck Facial Rejuvenation, it usually used to solve aging on the neck area such as wrinkle and dull skin. It works by remove the dead skin accumulation on the neck. How is the procedure?
  • You'll get facial about 5 to 6 weeks. After that, chemical peeling with AHA or glycolyc acid will be done to remove the dead skin cell. This should be performed by doctor or other expert so the bonding tissue not changed into celloid, because the skin neck is very sensitive and thin. The price is relative, depends on how many percent AHA use.
Mesotherapy. usually used to sagging jowl or neck and losing chin (double chin). The procedure is :
  • Your neck will be injected with soft and long needle. The injection was contains phosphatydilcholin (PPC), fat carrier and multivitamin. It is use to remove the fat, tightening the neck and make your skin beautiful. The prize is quite expensive.
Mesolift and Mesobotox. This injection can tightening the skin, upgrading the texture of the neck and whitening the skin. If your neck tendon put in an appearance you can solve it by mesobotox. The drug was injected under the skin and the needle is about 4 mm, injected with vitamin and collagen. It also expensive too.

Botox. If you have heavy wrinkle on the neck, the tick out platisma muscle and horizontal line, then definitely you have to do this treatment, because Botox works on the dynamic muscle to inhibit the aging. The whole process can be reach to 10 to 14 injection on the neck and need about 2 to 3 Botox injection, but only in 5 days your neck will look smooth. Prize for this treatment is very expensive.

Aptos Threads for Neck Lift. For you who have problem with your neck, looks too short because of the neck and the jaw seems to be link together, this treatment is suitable for you. This treatment will make your neck ladder, because it can stimulate collagen. But, make sure you choose the unabsorbed skin so it can be pulled out again. Do it by using aptos threads, implant using yarn without open surgery. The yarn have a disk which is a special yarn and has two different direction of arrow. Duration for this treatment is about half hour. The cost is quite expensive but the result is great also.

You should prepare a big budget if you want to try the treatment above. Better, if you find out first from your friend or other sources which clinic gives the best result.


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