06 March 2009

Cellulite is accumulation of excessive fat cells on skin tissue, so the skin surface looks not flat, just like the orange peel.

Well, cellulite is not danger for health, but cellulite can make your confidence drop. Cellulite appear because of the fat accumulation. So, the way to blotting out is by remove all the fat in your body. There are several way to remove cellulite, here is how.

Choose exercise which can burn your fat on the body which the cellulite exist immediately such as gym, swimming or biking. Do it right, three times a week routinely. If you do it regularly, your muscle will be stimulates to burn fat more quickly, produce energy by discard calories.

Nutrient Food
Consume balanced nutrients food, such as carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral and air. Try to change your diet so there is no more fat accumulation and cellulite can be gone.

Massage and Aromatherapy
Massage plus aromatherapy can smoothing your blood stream. If the blood stream flows smoothly, the energy of your body is increase. Of course, this thing will destroy the fats and make your body more relax. You can combine massage with aromatherapy by using several vegetable oils, such as rose oil or lavender oil.

Cellulite Cream
You can try cellulite cream or cellulite lotion but try it first. Does your skin react with those products? Do you have allergy with those products? Usually, burn fat product also can tightening and smoothing your skin. Better more if you ask doctor or other expert about these burn fat products. Ok girls.


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