04 March 2009

Every woman wants to have beautiful and shining hair. But sometimes they take the wrong treatment and cause the hair get more damage, fallen out and dry. Of course, you don’t want this happen to you too right? Try this next method to treat and to protect your hair completely.

Avoid excessive sunlight exposure, chlorine and sea water because sunlight will make your hair more brittle. Protect your hair with hat or hair moisture contains sunscreen while you swim or exercise.

Don’t brush your hair by pull out the hair. Use a fine foothed comb for tousled hair; start from the end of the hair. Don’t use metal comb coz this will make the soft hair stalk broken.

Choose shampoo which suitable with your hair type. Don’t be doubt to change your shampoo if it’s not suitable for you. Pick shampoo which has smooth cleaning agent to remove all dirt on the head skin without irritate the skin head and keep your hair strong (like Dove Hair fall therapy shampoo).

Wash your hair on the shower with normal temperature and normal water-flow. Excessive hot water will burn your skin head and can damage your skin hair. Wet your hair before shampoo and rub your hair smoothly.

Don’t scratch your head with nail or plastic comb because this will make your skin head irritate, rush and hurt. When you rinse your hair, rinse it until completely clear, coz the remain shampoo can invite dandruff.

After using shampoo, you should apply hair conditioner. Choosing the right conditioner also play a role on the hair treatment. With strengthening serum formula, can give back the strength and softness of the hair. This formula work actively on the critical point especially on the dry hair, such as Dove Hair fall therapy conditioner. Apply the conditioner start from the top of the hair until the end of the hair.

Final step is, apply conditioner leave on. It was a simple and light formula without sticky feel, and also work instantly to smoothing, protecting and reduce the fall hair while you comb your hair. Example product is Dove Hair fall therapy combing serum. Before apply, dry your hair naturally (without hairdryer), then drop 2-3 drops of serum on the palm of hand, spread it on the palm then apply it from the top head (not the top of the hair) to the end of the hair. Comb your hair after apply the serum to distribute evenly through the whole hair.

By doing all of those steps, you’ll never feel itchy on the skin head and your hair look healthier. Consume balance diet and nourishing food to keep the hair healthy, consume more fruits and vegetables which contain vitamin A, E, B complex, protein, iron and iodine.

Don’t comb your hair before sleep coz this can stimulate the sebum production and in fact, can make your hair brittle. So, if you want to have healthy and beauty hair, start doing the right hair treatment.


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