22 March 2009

Every woman wants to have white shining skin. But some beauty products can’t give you. Well, there are some products which can whitening your skin but it’s not naturally white but pale white. Ugh, forget it. I prefer has a dark tanned skin than pale white, make’s me look like sick. To get natural white shining skin, you should choose beauty product with finest ingredients and good treatments. Check these few ingredients and treatments...

Combination of Lycopene and Pro-vitamin B3 has already well known for its benefits. Lycopene is natural antioxidant inside the human skin. It keeps the skin white and shining. Lycopene also found in red colored fruit such as tomato, watermelon and guava. The amount of lycopene will be decrease if you contact your skin with sunlight directly.

First step you should do is cleansing your face with facial foam and toner. Choose facial foam which has ability to remove all dust and soft particle, much better if you choose Pro Vitamin B3 facial foam. This was used to alleviate lusterless and brightening your skin, also to remove dead skin cells. Example for this product is Lightening Facial Foam.

Toner can help make your face look clean, fresh, soft and naturally shining just like white pearl. Choose toner which has Pearl Nutrient, vitamin B3 and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). This toner is quite soft, suitable for you who have dull and dark skin. Skin pores will be smaller, skin feel tight with no dry feeling at all. This toner also effective to remove dead cell, remove the remaining milk cleanser and of course freshener your skin.
Second step is Moisturization. After cleansing your face, apply lightening cream or lotion immediately. Choose moisturizer which has Spotless White Cream to make black spot and print acne disappear. With lycopene as one of the ingredients of moisturizer, your skin will be look brighter and shining. While, vitamin B3, B6, E, C and UV protection in Spotless White Cream will give you nutrition to the skin.

Third step is Specialty. Complete your face treatment with Lightening Compact Powder. What ever color of your skin, you’ll be look gorgeous. Pro-Vitamin B3 compact powder was design in three different colors. Apply it, then your skin will be shining, the texture of the skin will be softer and the most important thing is your skin still protected against UV light.


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