03 March 2009

Not only make your body more pretty, but spa also make your body easier to release stress.

Many beauty salon offer facilities for spa with different method, but definitely the price is more and more expensive. So, why don’t you try spa on your home? Well, it’s not as complicated as you think. All you have to do is plot time to leisured so that the spa activity will not be disturbed by many other things.

Here are the steps to do Spa in your own home, from the top of the hair until lower ends of the foot.

1. Limber up
Use bath oil (you can buy it at cosmetic store) with your favorite fragrance. Spread the essential oil to your whole body. To make the oil absorb to the skin, ret small towel with warm water then put on the neck and shoulder. Allow it for a while, then rinse your body on shower. This essential oil work step by step to limber your muscle and smooth your skin.

2. Reduce the swollen eyes
Swollen eyes and exhausted eyes can alleviate your performance. Use spa relaxation to ease up the swollen eyes. How to do it? Peel a potato then slice it thickly. Place the sliced potato into milk, then put it on your eyes. Let it stay for 10 – 15 minutes. Then wash your face as usual. The result: your eyes will be look wonderful and sparkling.

3. Erode the dead skin
Dead skin is not well to see. To alleviate it, rub your skin with long handle sponge with circle round for 15 minutes. After that, rub again with straight movement to the hearth. This activity will smooth your blood stream.

4. Fresh shining face
No women want their face look listless and pallid. That’s why, use facial foam and warm water to make your face fresher and shinny. After that, splash it with cold water. This method can stimulate blood stream to bring up to the skin surface, so the skin looks more healthy.

5. Scrub with salt
You can buy bath salt at the beauty store. Use the bath salt to remove dead skin. Here how to do it : mix shower gel with bath salt then rub it using shower puff or sponge to your body. You dead skin will be removed and your blood stream will be smooth, especially on the elbow, heel and knee.

6. Smooth hand
Use hand scrub or lotion with soft granules, then massage your hand straight to the hearth. After been massage for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water. Apply hand & body lotion to moisture your skin. Even while you sleep your skin moisture can be disappear. To keep your skin smooth, mix 1 tsp of sugar into 1 sp olive oil. Rub your hand with the mixture and allow it for a while. After finish, rinse with warm water. Certainly your hand will keep smooth and moisture.

7. Quick Pedicure
Quick pedicure means instant foot treatment. If you don’t have time to rub and soak your feet into warm water, use nature scrub from nutshell. Mix a bit of olive oil with roasted nutshell. Use the mixture to massage your tired feet. After that, rinse with warm water.
To erode dead skin on palm of foot, you can use pumice. Rub it for a while then scrub with scallop shell. The dead skin will be removed and changed with soft new.

8. Peppermint flavor
Spa is not complete without peppermint as an ingredient. Spread it with essential oil or scrub it, certainly your body will be feel fresh.

9. Beauty back
Your back is the most unreachable part of the body. The solution is use sponge or shower puff with long handle, so the back can be reached easily. Pour mixed shower gel with scrub to the sponge or puff, then rub your back with up and down movement. Rinse on a flowing water to clean your back.

10. Sauna at home
Under the shower, massage your skin with sponge. Change the water temperature every a half minute from cold water to hot water and so on. Rub your whole body, scrub it, then rinse it with warm water.

11. Suitable Masker
Face treatment with masker is a effective way to solve the pallid and tired face. But, there is effective way to make the masker work appropriately; apply instant masker (usually on gel form) on your skin face and allow it for 5 minutes. Boil water then put your face on the boiled water about 25 cm from the container. Let the steam fan your face for 5 minutes. The steam will accelerate the vitamin in masker to the face. After that, rinse your water with cold water.

12. Beauty Hair
After wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, apply aloe vera hair cream to maximize your new growth hair. Massage the skin head with creambath, then wrap your hair with warm soaked towel for 10 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water, do it once again with cold water. Don’t forget to use hair tonic to make the skin head’s pores opened, hmm….this is feel so good.

Easy right? So, from now you don’t have to spend lot of money for spa in beauty salon, right?


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