26 March 2009

Washing your hair every day strips out the nutrients.
Washing your hair every day with a quality shampoo invigorates the scalp and leaves the hair healthy and shiny.

Your hair gets used to one shampoo so you should change it regularly.
As long as it's a good shampoo suited to your scalp and hair type, you should get fine results every time.

If you never wash your hair, it will clean itself.
It will just get dirtier and could result in an irritated, itchy scalp and greasy, lank hair.

You shouldn't use conditioner if your hair is greasy.
Only people with very short hair don't need conditioner. The key is not to massage the conditioner into the scalp, but only apply it to the body and tips of your hair.

Rinsing with cold water makes your hair shinier.
This one is true. Cold water helps to close the cuticle layer on the hair strand and helps conditioner work better, leaving the hair more lustrous.

Expensive hair products better than the cheaper products
Cheaper brands use poorer ingredients and can leave the hair dull and lifeless. No product is intrinsically going to change the structure of your hair, but good quality products can leave it looking shiny and healthy. You want to go for a salon brand if you can, but if you are counting your pennies opt for high-end products from the chemist or supermarket. More expensive products often go further because they are more concentrated, so you can use less.


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