22 March 2009

Submerge bath is great! I always take it at least twice a week. It cleans my body and treats my skin. I also can remove all my problems in my mind. All my tense muscle get relax and I can get sleep well at night.

Submerge bathe can help you to erode dead skin and freshener the new skin. Use soup or bath gel containing moisturizer. Fill the bath tub with lukewarm water but don’t too hot coz hot water will make your skin dry and dehydrated.

Submerge bathe is one of method for women to spoil herself because it can be the mood transformation moment. So, to make this moment great and delightful, the choosing of soap is very important. There are several options for soap you can mix in the bathtub. What I like the most is strawberry aroma with moisturizing whipped cream. Oh, it makes my skin soft and smooth, like Soft Kiss.

You can choose liquid bath soap with peach and moisturizing whipped cream to make your skin as smooth and soft as velvet, Velvet touch. Or you can choose Macadamia with Moisturizing Whipped Cream, this will make your skin as smooth and soft as silk, Silk Cares.

Your soft skin will be feel more fresh when you use liquid soap contain mineral salt and seaweed, like Wake Me Up or tropical fruit and vitamin liquid soap to make your skin fresh, Power Me Up.

When you do the ritual of submerge bath, you’ve got to be relax and feel the freshness. Rub your body with body brush with circle movement from down to center of the body (the hearth). This was good to stimulate blood circulation. Submerge for 10 minutes, while drink a glass of peppermint tea or green tea. Positioning your fingers foot next to the tap.

Little by little pour cold water into your foot fingers to boost your metabolism. And wake up from the bath tub after the water not hot anymore. Then, dry your body by clapping towel on your body don’t rub the towel too hard. After that, apply body lotion to smoothing your skin.


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