23 March 2009

Are you dreaming to have long and beautiful hair but very hard to make it true? Well, it’s not easy to have fast growing hair, but there are few steps you can do to make your hair grow fast and strong, Here you go...

Smooth The Blood Stream To The Head
Nutrition income through the head will be increase if you smoothing the blood stream to the head. Massages your skin head with the fingers tip every day when the hair wet while you wash your hash or in dry condition. Before you go to bed, cast your head down then brush your hair gently start from the root hair till the end of the hair.

Gym also help the hearth to pump blood faster through the whole body, so nutrition come the root hair will be faster doo. You can do aerobic or jogging.

Cut Damage Hair Tip
The damaged hair tip (dry and brittle tip) will spread through the body hair and make the whole hair damage if you’re not do some hair treatment. Finally, the whole hair will be damage quicker include the new hair growth. To prevent it happen, visit your hair dresser once every 8-10 weeks and ask him or her to trim your pin hair. Tell him/her you want to make long your hair, so only the damaged hair is cut. Usually, the hair dresser will cut the hair on dry condition because it’s very difficult to differ which one is damage on wet condition.

Let The Skin Head Breath
Closed and secured hair will make the oil and dust accumulate at the hair root, and make the skin hard to breath. This will inhibit the hair to grow. If you want your hair grow smoothly, always keep your skin head clean. If you often sweating or your hair often oily, wash your hair using a soft shampoo everyday and don’t forget to keep your hair aid clean, especially your comb. Dirty comb and hairbrush will make the excrement stick again on the hair and the skin head every time you comb.

Coddle Your Hair
You must know that long hair is an old brittle hair so you need to treat your hair gently and careful. Always use soft shampoo and contains moisturizer.

If you want to use hairdryer, clamp hair or other electric hair tools, better you apply conditioner and serum leave on (don’t need to be rinse) after wash your hair. It used to protect your hair from high temperature. Once a week use hair masker. Besides, always pay attention about how you style your hair. Don’t be to often to bind your hair too tight, cause this will make your hair broken.


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