03 March 2009

Hair looks rough, dull and hazy, it means your hair was categorized as dry hair. Well of course, healthy normal hair always be a dream for women because each woman want to have shine, clean and beautiful hair. That’s why most people using conditioner to have this hair, especially using leave in conditioner (conditioner which don’t need to be rinse). Precisely, this thing will make your hair worse.

Actually, conditioner has a function, raise up the moisture content and make your hair looks more shiny. But, you don’t have to be confuse, try this next steps to solve your dry hair problem.
  1. For the early step prevention, avoid using often hair dryer and hair tool using electricity.
  2. Protect hair and head using scarf or hat when you go to place that you’ll be exposed to the sunlight.
  3. Don’t wash your hair everyday unless you have oily skin hair.
  4. Use shampoo 2-3 times a week is enough to remove all dust and excrement from your head.
  5. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner which contain humectants. Humectants is substance with hygroscopic element which able to absorb water from the air so it can moisture the skin hair.
  6. Do treatment for your hair once a week, such as creambath for dry hair or hair spa treatment.
So, from now treat your hair in right way, ok girls.


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