04 March 2009

Eye make up with smokey eyes technique is always be trend flow through the time and it’s suitable for in every moment, work or party.

How to make smokey eyes? here are the few simple steps.

First, clean your eyes area with eye special cleanser so that the make up will be more perfect. Use eye’s concealer to disguised the black circle and the tired eyes.

Second, use beauty powder around your eyes slightly. Then, start to apply bright color eye shadow, such as white, peach and light pink. Apply it with beauty-brush start from the eye line till the eyelid. Then spread it till the end of the eye line.

Third, choose dark color eye shadow to make the smokey eyes. You can use purple, chocolate or blue color to make it. Apply it from the upper eyelid almost until the eye brow, then spread the color through the eyebrow. Apply dark color eye shadow thickly on the eyelid so that your life looks more live and fresh.

Well, how is it? Easy right?


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