24 March 2009

Take care of your skin is not a hard thin g to do. All you have to do is do the right treatment and do it routinely. When is the right time to do it? Night is the perfect time to treat your skin because this was the moment for your skin to repair and regenerate all damaged skin. You’re skin not doesn’t expose to the sun and pollution too.

Well, mental and frame of mind also help you accelerate to repair skin and body condition. Rest on night also can relaxing all of the exhausted nerve and muscle caused by stress. There are few steps you can do to keep the skin beautiful in the night.

Clean The Face. Wash and clean your face before sleep routinely to avoid acne. If your face has already had acne, apply acne treatment product containing antibacteri and controller sebum on the infected area. Never ever crush your acne coz this will make your skin chafed and make the pores bigger.

Irritation. Skin feel hot, reddish and irritated after daylight activity? Solve it by apply beauty product which contain zinc. It can conceal the redness spot and cooling down your skin.

Area Under The Eye. If you feel area under the eyes too dry and blackness, you can use special cream for eyes contain retinal (vitamin A which help to repair and rejuvenate skin cells), panthenol, beeswax and soybean oil to remove it. Consume more and more water and don’t lack of sleep.

Rough Elbow. If you feel your elbow dry, apply body butter before sleep. It is a lotion contains olive oil and jojoba oil. You can also use this lotion oil on nape of the neck.

Eyelid. An idiom said : eyes is the window of the hearth and center of the face. But, sometimes area round the eyes especially the eyelids is wrinkle. To prevent it, you can try to apply special cream for eyes contain vitamin C. It can stimulate ad accelerate the growth of collagen which is very useful to avoid wrinkle and early aging.

Wrinkle Face. Cream with vitamin A or retinal can conceal wrinkles on your face. These ingredients help to accelerate regeneration and rejuvenate skin. But, they can make your skin sensitive to sunlight. It is advisable to apply in night. If your wrinkle on face has been too annoying you, consult it with your skin doctor so you’ll get intensive care from him.

Rugged Hands. If your hand get excessive dry, try to change your hand cream into special cream for leg and foot. Choose cream contain avocado oil and urea. Urea has characteristic to softening and also can stimulate regeneration cells. Your skin hand will be feels softer, even for a whole day.

Chap Foot. Before go to bed, submerge your feet into lukewarm water plus gehwol cream foot bath containing lavender and spike. This merge will make your feet feel soft and moist, and clean it until the pores. Dry it with towel, then apply foot cream which contain panthenol, pro-vitamin B5.

Calloused Foot. Don’t trifling it, Treat it with the right way. Submerge your foot in lukewarm water contain thyme oil. This mixture is very effective to softening and smoothing the calloused and rugged foot. You can apply gehwol foot bath, apply on the foot palm then apply lanolin and pro-vitamin D. Lanolin has high water content, so it can help you to softening the dry and calloused foot.


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