10 March 2009

I hate when my hair keep falling. Well, there are so many factors stimulate hair fall including excessive hair treatment and modern treatment which used in daily life, such as aspirin, vitamin, HRT and antibiotic.

Consume low dose of aspirin (0.5-2 mg/day) can alleviate hemoglobin yang which cause anemia and iron deficiency. Iron is a very important for hair growing and hair maintenance. Deficiency of iron can lead to diminish hair and hair fall.

Vitamin C is good to prevent influenza, but if you consume more than your body need, it will give negative effect. Too much vitamin C can influence reproduction of cranial cell and skin cell so this will increase the pityrosporon which cause cranial exfoliation and cranial inflammation.

Improperly thyroid medication can cause hair fall, brittle, dry and dull. People who had hyper or hypo thyroid can influence metabolism inside the body whether slow or fast. Hyperthyroid make the hair cell reproduction faster, so hair fall become worse, 100 sheet of hair a day. Mean while, hypothyroid cause metabolism slower, so hair grows slowly.

It is good if you consume vitamin E as antioxidant. But if you consume it excessively, this will make the absorption of iron in your body alleviate. Vitamin E can cause hair fall and brittle hair in several cases.

Consumption of Vitamin A more than 10,000 IU can make hair fall. It because vitamin A increase cell reproduction inside the follicle which means they attain the final phase of hair growth quicker. When the hair attain to the final step, there are more hair falling. Normally, Hair grow phase was happen for about three or four years.

Antibiotics. Antibiotics was well known can decrease hemoglobin in blood and also decrease the amount of vitamin B, sometimes make hair fall quicker. The disease which been treated also can make hair fall quicker.

Antidepressant often related to excessive hair fall although it doesn’t know that this drug can stimulate hair fall. In several cases, women who had hair fall were caused by stress and depression.

Chemotherapy. Almost all people who take chemotherapy had hair fall. This medication kill the cancer cell also kill cells in the hair follicle. Hair can be grow again after the chemotherapy finish but can’t as the same as before treatment.


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