21 April 2009

Most people though exercise only can be done outside the house, at the gym or at field whereas you can do exercise everywhere as long as you have strong intend to do it.

Have you ever wish to have good, healthy and sexy? Sure it wouldn’t come alone. Routine exercise on foot can tightening, make sexy and avoiding you from legs disagreement.

It doesn’t hard to do it. You only have to make time for 10 to 20 minutes to do some exercise on your legs wherever you are. And of course, you don’t have to spend much money.

First of all, do warming-up by stretching both of your legs. Warming-up can be done by stand steady with hand on the floor or sit on the floor by stretching the knees. Deflect the knees several times while you stretch the joints on the knee.

Next exercise is done on the chair. Sit and tight the upper muscle of thigh, then raise your feet slowly straight to the front. Hold that position and push the heel and toes alternately. This exercise make your feet stronger fast.

You can do little bit variation on the upper side by hold your feet straight to the front and cross the tarsus. Then, relegate the upper foot and raise up the lower foot by swing it. Do it again after the feet position changed. If you can’t hold your feet straight to the front, bent your knee, but make sure your back is still upright every time.

Make variation by having more exercise on the knee and stand with stretched knees. Then raise the left foot for couple centimeters and let the raised foot draw. Do it again with the right foot.
Last step, do the chilling step by stretching once again before the exercise finish. This step is very important so the feet muscle wouldn’t stiff.

So, what are you waiting for? Go exercise and get the wanted foot shape!


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