03 April 2009

I hate acne. Especially if I have to presenting my job to the clients, it show up and disturb me. This is a very and upsetting condition. But, there are ways to help you to conceal the scars and pimples that are caused by this naturally occurring skin blemish.

Makeup is my favorite choice to hide their acne, I think so does many other women. One of the most important things to consider when choosing makeup to cover acne is that it is appropriate for the condition. Acne can be made worse by makeup that contains oil and so it is best to choose a brand that does not contain any. If you are not sure which is the best to choose, then it is recommended to get some advice from your dermatologist or skin care specialist rather than just guessing. If you have a lot of acne scarring then there are some special camouflage make-ups available nowadays. This can be great for concealing scarring and is also made for those with problem skin.

You should remember, before using makeup for acne, make sure that your skin is clean and use cleanser that good for skin with acne. You should also make sure that when you take off the makeup you are very careful to make sure that you have taken all of it off. It is very important to make sure that the skin is clear of all makeup so that the pores are clear and do not get clogged up.

Hide Your Acne With Proper Techniques of Makeup
I usually use concealer for the acne. This is very good for covering up blemishes and also works well on scarring. You need to take care when applying this as it is the basis of your makeup and is a vital ingredient in allowing you to camouflage the acne well.

Tips for you :
  • Don't use too thick layer, just make sure that it is even so that it can work well.
  • You need to apply a foundation to give your skin a natural appearance to cover the fact that you have been using the concealer to cover your acne and not make it so obvious.
Acne and makeup are very well suited to each other despite what some people think, you just to have make sure that you look after the skin by keeping it clean and ensuring that you get it all off afterwards. If you buy the right makeup and apply it well then it can make a real difference.


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