23 May 2009

Flowers have positive energy for health. Flower energy therapy is not aromatherapy. The making process and the utilizing of flower energy/essence therapy is different from aromatherapy. Aromatherapy use distilled oil from flowers to be used as massage oil or room fresher, while essence therapy, use energy which taken from fresh flowers.

A matter of fact, flowers have many hidden special qualities so you should made the best use of it. You can use the flower energy by take a flower bath. In this way you can feel the positive change inside you, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, more active cakra (vishnu's mythical weapon), stronger and brighter aura. To make the utilization of flower be more effective and fresher, check this few steps.

First of all, prepare container made from crystal, it because crystal, has high absorb capacity so it can increase the vibration power. Place into the container the full blossom flowers which have positive energy, such as rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, then our water into the container. You can also add another flower which also have big positive energy, such as purple orchid, white rose, or lotus.

Dry it on a sun for about 3 hours, the longer the duration is better. Sunlight helps to release the flower energy into the water. When the flowers have wilted, the energy has been ally with water and ready to use for bath.

When you do the drying process on the sun light, you should do it yourself. Try not to accept anyone else to help you or touch the flowers. It was connected with the energy transferring of the flowers.
After considered it is the time, let it for a while. You can use the flowered water after it cold. Enjoy the freshness, and absorb the energy. You can suggest yourself to get more enthusiasm, and more energy which can make you stronger.

The flowered water also can be drink as medicine. To maintenance the energy, transfer the water into tight lightproof bottle and keep away from sunlight. You also can mix the flowered water with alcohol or couple drops of brandy before it stored.

This simple method is often used as relaxation purpose. In certain people, this method also used as therapy for mental disorder, like depression and stress. This flowered water also can be use to bathing people ages more than 30 years old, but still hasn't married. Believe or not, prove it yourself the peculiar property.


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