19 June 2009

The Secret of Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty, is every woman looking for. But, daily, almost all woman wear make up. Unhappily, there are so many chemical substances use in cosmetics. Chemical substance is use to keep the quality of the products, pickling and improve the benefits of cosmetics itself. Appropriate use of chemical substance is not harmful if you use the right dose, in fact, it makes the products work more effective.

Utilizing of natural ingredients can minimize side effects of cosmetic rather than chemical substance. That’s why, now, there are so many cosmetics products use organic ingredients. To be pretty naturally, you can use ingredients in the kitchen or in your house. These natural ingredients generally have little side effects and also don’t need lot of expenditure. What are those ingredients? What are those benefits?

You can use this natural ingredients to make yourself prettier naturally and of course ageless in easy and natural way.

· Honey
Peculiar property of honey in beauty has been well known since centuries ago. Honey works as moisturizer for your skin and reduce irritated skin. Apply honey on your lips can also moisture it and prevent crockery lips.

· Aloe Vera
Many people use aloe vera to make their hair fertile and black. Aloe vera’s mucous can prevent liquid inside the skin evaporate quickly, so the moisture of the skin still occur. Cool and chilly feeling of the aloe vera also uses to treat burn wound.

· Green Tea
Pollution is one of the causes of skin damage. To prevent it, you can consume 6 glass of green tea a day. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidant. Green tea was believed can protect skin against free radical from food or air pollution with the result your skin will be away from wrinkle.

· Avocado
Avocado is fruit which has lot of benefits. Vitamin E inside this fruit is used to smoothing and moisturizing your face naturally. You can also use avocado to moisten your dry hair.

· Ginger
Ginger has lots of utility in health and beauty. The warm feeling from ginger can smoothing your blood circulation and tightening skin. You can also prevent stretch marks by massage your skin with chopped ginger. Better you try ginger in small amount on your skin just to make sure you’re not allergy against ginger.

· Coffee
Coffee is a great drink and also great scrub to smoothing and plane away your skin.

· Coconut
For you who had problem with your skin, dry skin or dry hair, coconut is one of the solution. Refined coconut become virgin coconut oil (VCO) has high lauryl acid level which work as antibacterial.

· Grape
Grape seed and grape peel are high in antioxidant. That’s why grape is very useful to increase elasticity and protect skin from ultraviolet light. Grape contains linoleic and polyphenols which prevent wrinkle and work as natural anti-aging.

· Soy bean
There is no doubt of soy bean’s advantages to health and beauty. Soy use to brightening skin and prevent hair from dryness, also make your hair easy to style.

· Lemon
Lemon often use as face antibacterial so it can prevent acne. You can also remove dry skin on the heel, elbow or knee by scrub lemon on those areas. If you had sensitive skin, try first on the back of the ear to know do you have allergy or not.

· Chocolate
Chocolate often be the most favorite snack, but also, chocolate is very useful for beauty. Chocolate masker had many benefits to skin, for example works for maintenance your skin softness, moisturizer, tightening and smoothing skin. Chocolate also slowing down skin aging, include prevent wrinkle on face.

· Papaya
Papain enzyme inside papaya used to remove dead skin on the skin surface, remove black spot and distribute the color of your skin. Papaya which contains lots of vitamin A and vitamin C works as antioxidant.

· Lavender
Lavender often use as raw material to make aromatherapy which can calm down your mind. For skin, lavender can increase cell regeneration and kill bacteria cause of acne.

· Rose
Beautiful flower, symbol of love is use as astrigent which work to dimmed pores and reduce oil content on the face. Rose oil can moisturizing face and reduce redness on face.

· Olive Oil
You can use olive oil, oil content inside olive oil can smoothing your skin and make your skin tougher.

· Sesame Oil
Beside for cooking, sesame oil works to smoothing and softening skin, hair and brittle nails.

· Strawberry
Besides delicious fruit and great juice, strawberry can prevents skin be dull. Strawberry contains salysilic acid which very good for skin. Its antioxidant helps to repair skin damage. This acid also dimmed pores and brightening skin. You can use this fruit as strawberry masker.

09 June 2009

Get Beautiful Skin by Exercise

Exercise has many advantages for our body. To be healthy, exercise becomes an obligation thing you must do. Exercise also often use to losing weight and of course for beauty. Positive effects of exercise will be shown on your skin. Healthy and fresh skin of course will increase your beauty.

Skin health and beauty is wish of each woman. Many beauty products used to make skin healthier, pretty and smooth. Some women deceive their skin to be look younger by using make up. Besides, a healthy diet also support the skin beauty and health. There are some people use traditional method like using chocolate and strawberry. But, from all of this method, don't ever forget to exercise. What is the advantage of exercise for your skin?

Help to take out free radical inside your body
Smoke, air pollution or chemical substance on beauty product had a negative effect to our skin. Free radical make your skin damage, wrinkle and spotting. By exercising, the toxin inside out body can be removed. Well blood circulation cause distribution of nutrients for skin can be absorb maximally and can help to move out all toxin inside the skin.

Stimulate production of collagen
Collagen is filler substance of skin cell which make skin tough and tight. Getting along in years, the production if collagen getting more descended which make skin drying and wrinkle. Production if collagen can be stimulated by doing some exercise regularly. It because your skin cell will get oxygen and distribution of nutrients is better, then make your skin shining and warped.

Prevent acne
Exercise helps you to control the production of DHEA and DHT hormone which stimulate acne. The other cause of acne is stress. When you stress, hormone is stimulated and make more acne. Research shows that stress can be reduce if you exercise regularly so that acne will not appears.

Reduce cellulite
Cellulite is happen because the braiding of fibroblast pulled out and produce fat pouch. Ordinary, cellulite resides on the bottom, back of the hips or arm and make your skin looks like orange peel. Cellulite annoys your performance. When you're exercising, your body doing a reform process and your muscle get stretching. In this way, your existed cellulite can be removed.

04 June 2009

Make Up Trick To Make You Look Pretty And Younger

The accretion of your age is natural process that each man will face. There is nothing can avoid the aging process through the time, include for women. Long with the time passed by, the ability of your body also descent, so does your face. You'll see wrinkles and unelastic skin. Make up is the solution. How?

With the right make up trick, you can cover up the sign of aging. Before you make up your face, make sure the cosmetic you use still proper to use or has not been expired yet.
What you should do when you make up to make you look younger? Here are some steps you can do while you make up yourself.

Toner and Moisturizer
Before you start to make up, start it with cleaning your face with cleanser, then apply toner and moisturizer. It works to make your make up look good.

Use foundation to make the color fill in perfectly on your face. Chose the color for foundation one level higher than the color of your skin.

Apply concealer to disguised spot or acne scarf on the face. Concealer also use to disguised your eye bag.

Brush and Sponge
When you apply beauty powder, you should use brush first than use sponge to spread it homogenous.

You should pick fresh and light color for the eye shadow to make you feel fresh and young. You can pick green, peach, purple or gold.

To make your eyes don't look old, you shouldn't use eyeliner or if you really want to apply on, apply it thinly or you can use the pencil eyeliner.

Blush on
The color of the blush on should be natural such as pink or peach.

Lipstick and Lipgloss
Choose lipstick which had the same color with your lips or one level higher than your lips. Avoid too contrast color. You can also add lipgloss to make your lips look fresh.

Eyebrow pencil
Straight up your eyebrow by lift the mussy brow and comb it softly. To clarify the shape of the eyebrow, you can use dark brown pencil brow, don't use the black one, coz black will make your face look old.

By using the appropriate cosmetics and the right trick while you make your face, you'll be look fascinating, gorgeous and pretty.

03 June 2009

The Expired Age of Cosmetics

Cosmetic has become the most important thing for woman’s life. The using of appropriate cosmetic can help you to cover up the leak of your face and also show the best of your face, so the user will be look prettier. But, the truth is, you also have to watch the age of your cosmetics, because cosmetics can be expired too. The preservative agent use inside the cosmetics in certain period can be concluded and can’t give any benefit at all.

Sometimes, you feel pity to throw it if the cosmetics have not been concluded yet. But, if those cosmetics expired and still be used, can cause negative effect to your face. For example your skin become allergy to any other cosmetics, itch, redness, or even swallow. The loss of preservative cause many bacteria and germ proliferate, damage your cosmetics and make many negative effects on your face.

Generally, expired date of cosmetics showed on the table below :

Table of Expired Date of Cosmetics
Cosmetic Type Expired Date
Lipstick or Lip Gloss : 2 - 3 years
Foundation : 1 - 2 years
Beauty Powder : 1 - 2 years
Blush On : 4 - 6 years
Mascara : 3 - 6 years
Eye Shadow : 3 - 6 years

Beside the loss preservative function after certain times, there are still other factor which make your cosmetics become expired earlier. Those factors are the raw material of the cosmetics, the application if cosmetics it self and how to keep your cosmetics:

· The Raw Material of Cosmetics
Cream cosmetics (like blush on )is quicker to be expired rather than solid powder. In market, amount of water base cosmetics are less than oily base cosmetics.

· The Application of Cosmetics
Application of cosmetic using brush or applicator is more durable rather than if you apply it directly on your face or if you using fingers. Direct contact from part of your body can spread germs and bacteria to the cosmetics.

· The Storage of Cosmetics
If you keep you cosmetics at cold and sealed container, your cosmetics will be more protective against germs and bacteria so the age of your cosmetics will be long lasting.
You also should throw away your cosmetics if the color is changed, crockery into powder, or if smelled. This thing was indicating that your cosmetics have broken, damaged and expired. Remember, your face is more important than keep using expired cosmetics which can make your face worse than before.

Get Sensual And Healthy Lips – Prevent Dry And Crockery Lips

Lip is one part of your face. Sensual and healthy lips will support your face beauty. So, health of your lips should be keep. Common problem on lips is dry and crockery lips. Of course this will destructive your prettiness. Crockery lip is easy to draw blood and cause you feel pain. If it’s not be cured, it will be infected. For women, crockery lips make lipstick doesn’t stick well, make her confidence and performance descent.

That’s why, we should know what is the cause of dry and crockery lips? And how to prevent dry and crockery lips?

The cause is :
  • Air pollution and dust
  • Dramatic temperature alteration, make lips hard to adapt, make lips crockery
  • Consume too sour or too salt food
  • Smoking, consumption of coffee or alcoholic drink
  • Lack consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Lack drink water
  • Applying cosmetics which contains hard chemical substance or allergy to certain cosmetics
  • Tooth paste contains too much detergent
  • Bad habit : Lick lips with saliva
After you recognized the cause of dry and crockery lips, you should do some preventive action so your confidence still high. There are several things you can do to prevent dry and crockery lips :

· Use lipbalm contains with sunscreen and moisturizer
Sunlight is one of the causes of dry lips so using sunscreen on the lips is very important. So does moisturizer which needed to keep the moisture of lips keep occur when you do your daily activities.

· Choose appropriate lipstick and also contains moisturizer
When you buy cosmetics, you should see the contain and ingredients. Better you choose cosmetics or lipstick contains emollient, nature ingredients and also moisturizer.

· Wet your lips when you feel dry with water
Don’t wet your lips with saliva, because in saliva contains gland and enzyme which can irritate lips and make your lips even worse. Just wet your lips with water while you drink a glass of water.

· Drink 8 glass of water everyday
It can prevent you from dehydration which can cause your lips dry.

· Wipe and clean your lips from the remain lipstick before sleep
The remains lipstick on the lips can be clean up using soft tooth brush and lip scrub. Brush lips with circle movement for couple of minutes. You can also use soft towel merged into warm water to clean the lips.

· Consume lots of fruits and vegetables
You can pick fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, B, E and mineral. Water contain in the lips also can help you avoided from dehydration.

· Stay away from unhealthy life style :smoking and alcohol drink
Chemical substance in the cigarette can stain your lips, make your lips black. While alcohol make lips dehydrated and dry.

· Apply lips moisturizer at night before sleep
You can use lips moisturizer or honey as natural moisturizer. It gives you nutrients on the lips.

· Massage the lips using olive oil
Massage helps you to smooth your blood circulation and make your lips keep healthy. You also can use olive oil while you massage the lips.

By knowing the cause of dryness and crockery lips and how to prevent it, sure you’ll be more pay attention to your little organ on your face. Then, beautiful and charming face will be yours.

8 Steps To Get Healthy Foot

Want to have sexy and healthy feet? Here the steps...
  1. Remove your nail polish with Nail Polish Remover.
  2. Submerge your feet into lukewarm water, and then massage it to reduce your stress all over your body.
  3. Cut straight the tip of your nails.
  4. Rub your nails gently using nail filings kuku to reshape the nails
  5. Apply Multi Vitamin Nail & Cuticle Cream on your cuticle, allow it for couple minutes then push the cuticle.
  6. Apply Exfoliating Foot Scrub to remove rough skin, then rub it with Foot File, and rinse it.
  7. Massage your foot, especially between your fingers foot with Soothing Foot Cream.
  8. Dry well your feet and then apply Foot Powder.